Sunday, July 3, 2011


Special request from my friends. Maybe I seldom post something about my heng dais.
Here you are and I hope you like it.

Me and Gary during SPCA trip.

Me Louis and Hao are super POSERS!

Me and Jerry during my birthday. Sorry for the low quality picture.

Me and Hao. Nice to play huh?

Separuh kepala je. Sudah tinggi lo.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jiayi's Bday.

Thursday we helped to celebrate Plusone Jiayi birthday. We celebrate early because he birthday is on Saturday. Actually its a surprise but it failed 99. Even the card made by Pui Leng also failed. SIEN 99!! So 38 to find steph and the surprise was ruined. I take a bit of cream and put on her face. Her acting skills improve jo. When Dai Ka Jie take the cake in, she act she dont know anything. GOOD JOB!! After that we got take some pictures and talked useless things the whole day.

Dai Ka Jie with the birthday cake.

Acting skills improve jo. Bu choh~

The cake~

Cutting the cake.

ME and Birthday girl. Do we look like siblings?


They look so CUTE!

Playing with the camera. Posers.

Our class English names.

Happy Birthday Jiayi
Jiayi a.k.a Plusone Jiayi
Jiayi a.k.a Fei Mui
Jiayi a.k.a


Loving this picture so much. Its the best picture of the year.

No offence but I really like it. I still cant accept you because of your attitude and childishness.
If you dont like it, try throwing me another book.