Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Moral Assignment.

Our assignment for Moral is about a documentary. Our task is to film a 8 to 10 minutes video about suicide. Appreciate and love our life. Help others that are in need and teach them to love their lives. Don't ever try to suicide. Actually I really like this topic because I feel that people who think of suicide is rather dumb and unappreciative.
Why unappreciative? 
Your life is not just only about you. Its about your family, friends and the ones whom loves you.
Don't be selfish.
They will feel sad over it.
Your parents raise you up to be someone and not by killing yourself.

First Day of Filming.
The first part is about me so I am super nervous. Everyone is looking at me.
Other students thought it was real and ran over to save me from killing myself. This is the most funny part.
Everyone was laughing. I really put much effort in filming until I even make it real by falling down. 
It hurts but worth it. 
 Appreciate live. Love your life. Life is AWESOME!