Monday, October 31, 2011


Who say boys only will look at girls face before knowing her? Girls also do the same la. God gave us faces for a reason. Not telling you are ugly or pretty but to show your identity. For example, boys love to look at pretty girls and girls love to look at handsome boys. If an old man walk across you, would you look at him and stare him. It's the same lo. Not just boys would look at faces. That's a wrong statement. Just telling my opinion and nothing much.

If your life partner really lives you, he won't care of your face or body. This only true love.

I'm telling this here because today my classmates ask me about my opinion about girls. If can choose, of course boys would choose pretty and sexy girls. If he say no, he is 100% lieing. Would you not choose a handsome or pretty partner? Haha. Just saying. It's your choice.

End of my economy tuition. Bought a card for teacher and hope she loves it. I think she won't easily forget us because we are super noisy. Haha.

I will miss that tuition. Seriously.
Me and Louis.
Our Thank You card.
Our wishes.
Group Photo.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

End of holidays.

 Its end of my one week holidays. Full of tuitions and tuitions. 3 more weeks till STPM. This is killing me slowly but after it I'm done. Prepared for school tomorrow but totally not prepared for STPM. Went shopping with dad today and the bonding starts. 

Fruit Punch. Loves.

Fried Dumplings.

Spaghetti Tomato. sorry I forgot the
Picture of the day :

Stressful face studying at the library.

Went for Starbucks again just now. 

Java Chip.

P/S: I need motivation to study hard. Last chance or else I'm dead.
Around 3 more weeks. Good Luck mates. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Suddenly dad called this afternoon and ask whether I want to go to his friend's Volkswagen Showroom. I was kinda lazy at first but he said I could test drive the cars. Even though, I'm still lazy after waking up early morning to study at the Public Library. He pursue me by saying " I want to buy the car". I quickly changed and go to the showroom. lol. I know I'm realistic.

Volkswagen Tiguan. Loving this.

Volkswagen Scirocco.

Volkswagen Passat CC.

Volkswagen Tiguan (brown)

Looking at the cars specs.

Love the number tho. lol

He got to test drive too?

I'm super liking this car. Loving this too.

My dad testing it.


After riding Volkswagen Passat CC. Look at his epic face. lol

I got to test drive all the cars. Its super fast than what you image. 
The CC is 1.4 but equals to normal 2.0 CC.
Imagine I'm trying their 3.6 CC car. You can do the calculations yourself. lol

P/S: They dont have Beetles because its out of stock and for me that car suits girls more.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Paranormal Activity.

Went to the movies with my besties last Wednesday. Since its the school holidays and on that day we dont have any tuition class, so we decided to watch
Paranormal Activity 3. To tell the truth, the movie kinda sucks. I dont like the way they use the camera for movies and i dont really get the whole story.

  • Katie Featherston as Katie
  • Chloe Csengery as young Katie
  • Sprague Grayden as Kristi Rey
  • Jessica Tyler Brown as young Kristi
  • Brian Boland as Daniel Rey
  • Lauren Bittner as Julie
  • Christopher Nicholas Smith as Dennis

I don't really get the whole story but I warn you all not to play Bloody Mary. (play at own risk)
According to Wikipedia, the movie got higher grossing than Real Steel. maybe many people love scary movies? lol. 

Got to camwhore with Javine only. Loving her outfit on that day.

Finishing up my post with the outfit of the day! ( following Chuckei's idea )

Outfit of the day.

P/S : Not going to say what brand I'm wearing. Dont want to be too showy. lol
Just be comfortable in everything you wear and it will look good. 

Monday, October 24, 2011


School holiday just started and today is the first day. Just back from 3 hours of Economy tuition. I will be having tuition this whole week. 3 hours is just too much and tiring. I really need a break but my STPM is just around the corner. Its less than a month and I'm still not ready yet. I really need to brush up everything this holiday of else I'm  doomed.

Went for dinner with my besties the other day. We decided to go to Red Cafe. I kinda love that place because of the environment. I don't like being at home all the time. Studied 2 hours of PP that day and its really killing me.
I know 2 hours per day is not enough but I really don't have the motivation.
After our beautiful dinner, we went for Starbucks. Really am craving for it for ages. Since non of our friends are free, I went with my crazy and funny friend, Louis. I ordered Java Chip and Chocolate cake and I was lucky to get another cup of drink for free. Lucky me.

Java Chip and Chocolate Cake.

Enjoying my beverage.

Cam whore.


So happy with his free drink. HAHA.

Our free treat.

Just bought an Iphone. Super loving it and the main reason is it has front camera so I can easily take pictures of me and my friends. Super liking the effected pictures.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back to the basics.

After 1 week of air conditioned classroom, its time to go back to our original classroom. The one with hot air and boring classroom. Love the air conditioned classroom but we cant really study in that class and I hate sitting so near with that weirdo. He did something stupid again this week. Such a brat finding a way to disturb people. Cant you see we all hate you? Everything shows during the dinner so GET A LIFE.
A 20 yo locking the door when we are going to the koperasi is so childish. After my friend want to go out and throw the rubbish, you can lock it again. You can even lock teacher outside the classroom. You're such a dumbo. That's why you fail in everything especially in your life. Its okay, I just have to face you for just few more months.

Yesterday we returned to our original classroom. It has been used by the lower sixers for 1 week. Even though its just a week, you can really dirty our classroom. This is so irresponsible. There are many things we are not satisfied after they use our classroom.
1. The rubbish all over the floor.
2. The tables are not arranged back to its original place.
3. Cutting finger nails and leaving them on the table.
4. If you want to cheat during exam, can you throw your evidence after you cheat?
5. Stealing posters. ( this I really cant accept! )

Please be more responsible.

This is Us, Form 6 Smartians 2010/2011

This video is dedicated to the Upper Six SMART year 2011. Really love this video. It never gets old watching it because its full of our memories. The title of the video is This Is Us, Smartians 2010/2011.

P/S: Thanks to Jiayi for making and uploading the video. Thumbs up!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Enchanted Night.

Our Graduation Night just passed. How fast is it? We were talking about it for weeks and it seems it finish just like that. I had fun actually but last year was better. First, the venue is not my type. They say the food is good but I think last year is better. This year they only have 1 game. Just comparing because if you compare, things would be better.

Details about the dinner:
Venue: MS Garden Hotel
Theme: Enchanted
Dress Code: Formal
Time: 7pm till 11pm

I and my besties went to style our hair at Melanin Saloon at ECM. The same saloon I went last year. It only takes us about 30 minutes to finish. After that I went home and change into my suits. Actually I have a minor wardrobe malfunction so I decided to wear the other one. Not really satisfied actually. Went and fetch the boys and girls around 6.45pm but It was raining and I'm afraid it would destroy their beautiful looks? HAHA.

Everyone can get 1 Polaroid picture as remembrance.

While waiting for our friends to come, its pictures time. Everyone was so beautiful and handsome on that night. I think its because its our last graduation night. Love all their outfits.

Me posing.

 With the beautiful ladies posing.

 The ladies.


I told you we can really pose.

The "pengetua" came late so we have to wait. When he came everyone need to salute to him. So "big card" right? After that the speeches are really long and boring. Some even with long malay poems.

 The VIP arrived.

Now we can enter.

Taking pictures while listening to the speech.
Me and Jin Ann.

After the speech and Datin Genga's video, its time to dig in the food. The food is not that really nice than expected but I was starving. Who cares. I manage to get the food first while they are lining up.

After that is our video made by Jiayi. Seriously, it was really touching and embarrassed. Really cherish my times with them. They are really my besties. How will it be if I don't have them next year? The 2AM picture, Secret Garden picture and even the Keranamu Video is really funny and embarrassed. We don't even dare to look. They only played one games and many lucky draws but I dint even get anything!

The gangs.


With the twins.

 Me and the cute twin.

 From left: Oli, Jiayi, Me, Javine and Louis.

Upper Six.
 Me and my malay friend, Affendy.
 With Pn Azizah.

 Performance by lower sixers.
 The boy can really sing. *thumbs up*
Top Student Award:
Louis Ng (6AK2)

All the top students.
Table sitting.

The end of my Upper Six life but this is not the ending of our friendship. Its just the beginning of something new. We still still always be friend and our bonding is priceless. Love you all.