Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I promised myself many thing this few days. I really hope I could keep my promise.

I promised myself that I would study harder after the SPCA trip.
I promised myself to control my temper.
I promised myself to spend less money.
I promised myself not to curse someone too often.

Many more promises to be made. I hope I can do it.

SPCA Trip.

Day 1
We went to school by 6.30am. When I arrived, many of them are waiting over there. I saw the bus and I was thinking, wth?! SMART bus looks nicer a lot. After putting my begs, we waited for everyone to come. Actually I should be sitting with Kee Han but at last he ran behind and I have to sit alone. When I was sleeping, someone took a picture of me. I know who you are and its kinda childish. We reached Genting Sempah within 5 hours and we had McD as our breakfast. After that we head to SPCA Selangor. I saw many cats and dogs and the pictures shown are really horrible. Why would you want a pet if you are abusing it? We even saw a cat infront of the SPCA center. Could you imagine? Its so easy to see someone throw away its pet. You could imagine how many cats they have to take care of. After the SPCA, we went to eat Yong Tao Fu. I have been there many times and there is nothing new for me. After that we went to our resort. Its kinda okay for me. Not that bad as I thought. We saw the fireflies after dinner. After the fireflies, we took pictures and went to bed.

Day 2
We are going to KLCC for shopping. My favourite of all the activities. We went to see the book store and walked to Pavillion. I managed to shop and eat Snowflakes. We went back to Kuantan at 5pm and reached around 10.15pm. Love the trip and here are some pictures..

Monday, June 20, 2011


Today at school, I was playing with my friends. Its quite normal. Everyday we chat and laugh together. I find it normal and my friends are always happy. Suddenly, the "weirdo" talk bad about me. I already ignore him a lot and we dont talk at all. All of the sudden he could just simply say me. I was thinking, DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM? Is it that no one want to talk to you anymore so you want to make someone. Dont you find it crazy and childish? Before this we were friends and we talk and laugh a lot. Since that day we told you why we HATE you, you dint even change a bit. So my friends told me to just ignore him. I know sometimes I would talk a bit over (after he "zhat" me) but sometimes I have my limit. You say that you are just joking around but doing it again and again is not joking around anymore. Seriously I also would pity you. All the people around dont really want to talk with you.

Dont you feel ashamed?
Dont you feel guilty?
Dont you feel you need to change?

After I took a nap and think back, I seriously pity you. You dont have real friends.
I am luckier than you cause I have REAL friends that are there for me. When I am need for help, they would find me even though they are very BUSY and I dont even need to call them.
One more thing, dont think that you are smarter means you are hell of a great.
Think back E, if you have a lot of money but you dont have friends,

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dressing up.

Lately Im a good boy that stays at home more and do nothing. Seriously I rather love to go out and have a drink with my friends or maybe go clubbing? Its been a long time since I went clubbing. Dint get the chance to meet up with my KL friends last holidays because of the tight schedule. Suddenly thought of them, I compare them with my classmates. For the boys, they are improving slowly. I like the clothes I choose for them. Looks way much more better. We should go shopping more often. For the girls, eehhemm.... How should I say this. Excluding the "study girls", majority are quite poor except for some. Dont take the excuse of being fat. Sorry, its not. I have a cousin who is not considered skinny but could glam up herself better than a lot of skinny people. Its just the confidence I guess. I seriously hate LALA style. Looks like you just came out from jail or something. Make your personality drop.
I am really missing my life where I can hang out with my friends whole night. Hope after STPM I could have the chance to enjoy with them and stay longer at KL.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fashion Statement

Its been a week since school reopen. Very busy lately and lazy to update my blog. Recently searched a new shopping website. Love it very much. I feel like buying everything but i dont really trust online shopping. I myself bought a new shoe and a cardigan. Waiting to go shopping with my friends at the SPCA trip.
Clothes I want to buy if I have the chance to find it at KL this Sunday.

Love the clutch.

Love the blazer.

Love the vest.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tutti Frutti.

Yesterday I went to my mother's friend shop. Its called Tutti Frutti. I heard before this brand but I never really tried it before. Its a frozen yogurt with 0 calories and fat. I love the gummy bears and marshmallows. Its delicious. You can mix what you want in it. I love the passion fruit and chocolate flavour the most.

The design.

The healthy one.

Mine. Love the gummy bears and marshmallows.

My brothers. Mango flavour.

SPCA Charity Sales.

Yesterday I went and sell candles at the S.P.C.A. Candle Sales at Pantai Selamat. I wanted to help them out because its a charity work. I love my pets so much and mean so much to me if I could help the animals. We successfully collected RM 1k yesterday. Such a good result. Hope that everyone would come and donate some money to S.P.C.A.
Information about S.P.C.A.

Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA)
The aim of the SPCA is to protect defenseless animals and to alleviate their suffering. Established in 1958, the SPCA provides temporary shelter to unwanted animals in Selangor and the Federal Territory. We try to rehome as many as possible, but with more than 600 animals arriving every
month the shelter is constantly challenged by a shortage of space and limited funds.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Convocation Day.

Went to KL last week for my brother's Convocation Day. I am really touched with his results. I am really proud of him. He got 3 major awards that day and broke the record as the top scorer till now. Dont blame me for crying at the convocation when he received his award. Its really touching. He worked really hard for it and all the hard work paid off. Most important of course are the pictures. Here are some of it.