Friday, July 30, 2010

Mother Theresa Ver 2.0

My class have a lot jokes especially me. Haha. I love to make jokes and laugh the whole day. That day my MUET teacher asked us to draw my friends face and describe her when she is 45 years old. Straight away I know I want to draw Chui Teng. I drew her like an auntie with white and curly hair. Mine is not the most funny one. Louis Ng's drawing is more funny. The drawing was done by me but edited by him. We follow Mother Theresa's face to draw. It looked so funny and look so alike Chui Teng. The essay is more FUNNY!! To help the starving and poverty. To reduce the war and bring PEACE. The 2nd Mother Theresa is BORN!! I laugh like mad. We laugh for almost 1 hour!!

The next day something else happened. When we enter our class, they say SHIT on the floor! OMG, SHIT!!! They all voted me to pick up that SHIT! I decided to call the cleaner to come but he say he don't want. WAH!! So lazy. At last, I picked up the SHIT.
Step 1: I use a lot of tissue paper to cover the SHIT.
Step 2: I dare not touch the shit.
Step 3: They teach me to use newspaper.
Step 4: I took some newspaper and picked up the SHIT.
Step 5: I took the SHIT and run around so that everyone would shout. HAHA.
Step 6: I throw the SHIT into the dustbin.
The most important step is, I used a lot of SANITIZER to rub my hand. Eww....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jin Ann 18th

YES!! Finally I get back my computer. So happy!! Last week was Jin Ann's birthday. Actually he already knew we are going to bring a cake to school to celebrate with him. That day was very scary too cause got spot check. Even Henry got bring his handphone to school!! Naughty boy!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm Sorry

I want to say sorry to my friend Jian Hao here. Actually I don't want to quarrel with you yesterday. I know I'm in the wrong but you don't want to listen to me at all. I felt very sad last night till I can't even sleep. I keep on thinking how can I repair our friendship. I don't want our friendship to lose just like that. We were friends since Form 2. We always joke around in class. My life without friends is meaningless to me. What should I do?? I'm still thinking if I should go to college or stay at Form 6. I have been thinking about this question for almost 2 weeks. I don't want to lose our friendship just like that. I love my class, 6BK2. I hereby say sorry to you again. Hope you can forgive me!!

My friends during Genting Trip!

Eating steamboat!

Form 6 Council Meeting

Today is Lee Chui Teng's 18th birthday! Even though she is 18 yo, but she is still a little brat. Her friends bought her cake and I tell you, she is a very lucky girl to friends like them. They treat her so well. I know she was very happy today. Everyone knew it from her SUPER BIG SMILE. Today the Form 6 students had their meeting to choose their new committee. The supports to their friends are full of joy. Shouting, laughing and cheering loudly. Everyone had a nice time suggesting their friends so that their friends would have more work to do. HAHA.

Lately, my father always asks me to study. Every night, I need to study at least 2 hours. I cant stand it anymore. So stress. Its hard to memorize all the facts for economy and PP. So many things to study. Accounts is getting harder. Its definitely different than the Form 4 and 5 syllabus. I hope that I can achieve good marks in the end year exam to prove it to my dad. He also asked me if I want to go college and let go of Form 6. I'm still thinking about it. It's a hard decision.

I cant even go outing for this few months except Saturday and Sunday. I miss the times I go clubbing, movies and sing karaoke with my friends. Hope that during the next holiday I can go out and have a great time with my friends.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today I went for the movies with my friends. We watched Twilight Saga : Eclipse. It was a nice movie for me. I watched the first and second chapters. The actions, jokes and the love scenes are awesome compared to Twilight and New Moon. How can a movie be so romantic? I love the phrase 'I'm hotter than you'. LOL. That was one of the funny parts. I went home after watching the movie. I went for jogging! At tuition, Edward told me something funny. He used his racket and hit Kar Ann's head. He told me that her head grew bigger after that. haha.

Actually I write this blog to improve my writing skills and if I did anything wrong, I am sorry. Sometimes I would be quite emotional in decisions. I hope all of you could understand me. For some people, I don't understand why she wants to quarrel with me all the time. I already keep a distance from you and don't even want to talk with you but you keep on disturbing me. Such a cougar.

I also find it very childish for the girls to spam people's handphones. Such a way to treat people who give you their numbers? I find it silly and really annoying. My friends and their parents need to sleep. Sending them blank message during wee hours wakes them up and they couldn't sleep again. Their parents are truly annoyed by the blank messages. I hope that some of you would change and stop doing such nonsense. Its such a nuisance to everyone.
Please grow up!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today's a happy day for me. Actually I was scared for almost a week because of some sort of incident and it's the jumping over the wall situation. Today Cikgu Azhar brought me and my friends to see the headmistress. Everything was fine. She was very good to us. I can actually let my burden down and move on. Actually I really do love my class. It has very good student and I can actually joke around with them. They even tried to rape me. OMG. Its just a joke actually. Today they even test again for MUET for the other students. No one can break my record as Band 4. I hope you guys will be able to get higher marks than me and you people can prove to the teacher that you can do it! Gambateh.

-Good luck to Gary, See Jin Ann, Edward Yap and a malay guy.

Confidence is the key to success in this situation.

For some people who don't dare to do their presentation please do not blame it on a specific individual. It's very childish,don't you knw? If you're scared of it, don't do it then. Asking people to go away is not the solution to your problem. I have my right to be where ever I want. If you don't like it, you're free to tell teacher. Teacher asks us to give comments. If you don't want any comments, tell it to the teacher. Comments help you to improve more. Don't ever ask me to buy you food (example : sushi). It shows that you don't have the initiative in yourself.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


To say the truth I'm very happy that my MUET teacher said I could get Band 4. I will work harder to get it during the real exam. Maybe Band 5? That could really impress my parents! Today we joked a lot in class. We laughed damn loud especially the 三姐妹!! They asked me about AV disc. I was speechless. They even asked what animal will die if it was knocked twice? Answer is crocodile. SO LAME. I think that my class is very crazy and funny. I love it. Enjoying myself almost everyday!

6BK2 and its monitor ROCKS!!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Today school was BORING and SLEEPY. I wanted to sleep all the time especially when Pn.Katijah is teaching. Cannot stand her way of teaching! I also scolded a girl today. Actually I already don't want to talk to her but she keeps on disturbing me. I scold her with some vulgar words and the whole class heard about it. I'm sorry that I used such words but I can't stand her attitude and behavior. She is really pissing me off. I hope that she would change or at least shut up when I'm not talking to you. I think she is an ANTI-BOY because she hates all the boys in our class. Something funny happened today. Jiayi said I try to do some inappropriate things to her. I hereby say sorry to her if I did something wrong. Hope that she forgive me. Kar Ann, don't think so much and talk too much. HAHA. I know Kar Ann today emo liao.

Sorry if I said something wrong in this post. =)


Yesterday afternoon my friend, Kar Ann called me for a drink. I was very bored so I am desperate to go. Actually I don't have any transport because my car is in the workshop. So I used my father's car. We went to Eastward that is opposite Old Town Kopitiam. We talked a lot of crap and jokes that we laughed so loud. Who cares because the shop has no customers except us. After finishing our drinks, we want to go for karaoke. I WANT!! We went there and I sang for one hour. Actually it's not enough but I'm rushing back home to accompany my dad because its the Sunday. I don't know why but I love KARAOKE. At night I went for dinner with my parents and friends. I was really stuffed with the food. Anyway, everything was alright!

-Anyway, did I sing very badly? HAHA.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

First Post

Actually I already wanted to start my blog very long ago and I love to read blogs. After I saw my friends blog ( that was very romantic and emo-ish ) , I feel like wanna start my own. First of all, I wanna say that I love my class very much except for one girl. Everyone always ask me why I choose to enter Form 6 and not enter college. The answer is I don't wanna go because I love my class very much. I get to know many new friends and I enjoy myself. Ever since I join Form 6, my facebook notification always BOOM. I don't know why but it's OKAY. Truly to tell the truth is that I very miss my old friends. The days we are together.

P/S: Jiayi I support your breakdance move. I will never forget that photo. =)