Friday, November 26, 2010


Yesterday I went and sing karaoke with my friends. Its very FUN.
Turned out to have lots of FUN with them. CRAZY~~
Sometimes I cant remember the words because I'm a banana but its just for FUN.
My throat is now in PAIN. I need some honey water.
Thanks to my friends who are so caring to me. You know who are you.
Enjoyed being with you all. It helped me to forget everything.
I hope I can do it. Now its time to watch drama.
Drama FEVER!!

谢谢你们.最好的朋友. =)

Thursday, November 25, 2010


这是我第一个 blog post 使用中文.

唱卡拉OK? 电影?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Lately many thing happened but I don't wanna really talk about it anymore.
Its already the past. I just wanna face the future. My STPM?
The holidays has already started. A lot of tuitions. Accounts and Economy.
Lately, my mum always scold me for using too much of petrol
but I dont really care. I just wanna have fun before entering Upper 6 where I cant get any FUN anymore. Everyday would be studying.
Sometimes I would rather to find someone to fetch me rather than driving my own.
Now I cant always fetch people because of the petrol problem. Hope you can understand?

I'm planning the Genting Trip but it seems that not a lot people are interested in it.
Its just to have FUN during our holidays since we are always complaining that we are BORED!!

Shopping fever now!! Hope can find nice clothes during shopping in KL.
I wanna go clubbing with my friend. Sometimes we must have some FUN. =)
Cant wait because IM REALLY FAT MOU-ing at home. =X

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Potter

Finally I get to watch Harry Potter with my friends. We go in a gang with 22 people.
This time we are much quite than the previous times.
No more laughing non stop.
Some were shocked when the snake came out suddenly but someone missed it.
Overall the movie is AWESOME!!
Cant wait to watch the second part.
The next movie I wanna watch would be Narnia.
Cant WAIT!!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Its my holiday for more than a week. Boredom.
Everyday we have ekon. tuition for 2 hours. Aiks. Im very hardworking so I attended every class.
I can understand what is she teaching cause she can explain it so clearly.
Without tuition, I think I cant understand at all. My school teacher just skips the
syllabus and she just simply teach us. Lucky Im going for tuition now. Even though its very
sleepy sometimes, but its worth it. She always gives us sweet.
KOPIKO!! And the most funny part is, Louis Ng dont dare to eat it. HAHA!!

Cant wait to watch Harry Potter this weekend!!
Chan and I organized it perfectly. Its a lot of work in collecting money from everyone and need to go all the way to ECM to buy the tickets but its all for my friends... =)

P/S: After my econ. tuition finish next week, I will be rocking KL with my friends!!
Lets party and shopping non stop. CANT WAIT!! =)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jamuan Akhir Tahun 2010

Today we held our Jamuan Akhir Tahun 2010 in school. Its my first time doing an end year jamuan. Its quite FUN with all my friends playing around.
Everyone was very crazy especially Louis Ng. LOL. Dancing again??
We decided to make it as a potluck.
We have Meehon.
We have Spaghetti.
We have Hot Dogs.
We have Fried Rice.
We have Mash Potato.
We have 100 Plus.
We have Coke.
We have Sprite.
We have Mamee.
We have Watermelon.
We have Honey Dew.

A lot of FUN talking nothing. Here are some pictures!!
P/S: My school holidays is OFFICIALLY starting now. YEAH!!


My Cup. =)

Spaghetti and Hot Dogs.

Group Picture!!

Bad M. >.<
1 Malaysia. LOL.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

KARE 4th Annual Charity Open Day

Today I went to the KARE 4th Annual Charity Open Day!! OMG, the dogs are super CUTE!!
I dint regret going there even though its raining.
I went there at 9.30am. There are a lot of people!!
啊 ! !
A lot of dogs. A lot of poodles, golden retriever and others.
I even brought my Angel. She smells great.
Today Angel is very ba pai. She wont walk using the string so
I have to carry her around.My hand is aching now.

I bought dog foods and donated some money to them. The St. Johner's are really helping a lot.Good for them.
Its such a great activity. I think that this activity can really increase the bond with your dog. Here are some pictures!!

Golden Retriever

Dog fighting!

Me and Bobo.

New born shitzhu. Damn CUTE!!

Big breed poodle.

Husky ♥♥♥
Unknown Dog. >.<


At last we finished our MUET Exam.
Now I can feel my holiday mood coming.
With full of tuitions!! what a holiday to be happy of.
But I dont need to wake up so early every morning.
Can sleep later. MSN? Dota? Maple?

About my MUET Exam, the essay topic Question 2
about the marriage is quite hard. I dint realize this kind of question.
For the reading paper, I was so sleepy that I really slept.
I beh - ta - han ah!!
I was thinking for just sleeping for 5mins but end up to be 10mins.
The listening is quite clear this time!! =)
The guy sitting next to me have papers all around his body!!
I was not shocked actually. LOL

This Monday is our class party. A lot of foods and drinks!!
Lets have some FUN!! Its end of our Lover 6!!
It is very fun studying is such a crazy class.


Yesterday my friends did an experiment about coffee and heartbeat. For boys, we have to drink 10g of coffee powder. At first, I felt a bit headache. I dont know is it because of laughing to much or its because of the coffee. My heartbeat ran up to about 150. The headache lasted for about 30mins.
For my friends, its not the same.
Some having high heartbeat rate for almost 5 hours?
Some wanna vomit?
Some cant sleep?
Some having headache?
The conclusion shows that coffee can really increase your heartbeat!!
Anyways, everyone is feeling better already. No need see doctor.

P/S: I dont know there is so many people who read my blog. Some love it too.
I like the feel that they tell me they love reading my blog. Thanks.
Some even saw the Megamind post and ask me why I dint call HIM.
Seriously, I'm sorry. Its a last minute decision to watch movie.
Lets watch Harry Potter together and pay the movie faster when I start to collect. =)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Normal Thursday School Day

Today I went to school because Gary called me to go and I want to finish up my borang stuffs.
Actually we have nothing to do except playing card and dota? =)
We arranged the tables for our MUET exam this Saturday.
We are going to be at the Form5 block.
We even dance at class. Like seriously dancing around with the Girl's Generation and
Super Junior songs. LOL.
What a laugh.
Today 2 person said that they enjoyed reading my blog. Such a compliment to me.
I will be more hardworking in updating my blog. ♥♥♥♥

Megamind 3D

Yesterday I was so bored and I decided to go to watch Megamind 3D. Nice!!

I went with Edward, Gary , and Kah Wei. Its kinda looks like its Boys Day Out. =)
We decided to watch it in 3D because of the time. The movie is kinda nice and funny.

The characters in the movie.

Evil Character saving the city?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holiday Mood?

Everyday we go to school, we just sit down and chat the whole day.
Talking about crap and stupid stuffs but we had a lot of FUN!!
Next Tuesday is the End Year Holiday!! Going to have so much fun.
But during the holidays we gonna have tuitions and stuffs.
Whats holidays with tuition??

This Saturday is our MUET exam. Reading, writing and listening.
I must aim for my Band because I dont wanna take this exam again.
Such a waste of time. I must work seriously and dont play a fool when answering the questions.

This Sunday is the Dog Fair. Im still deciding to bring my dog or not?
They say its so FUN.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friend's Night Out

Yesterday we went for yumcha at Taj near Air Putih. Everyone arrived late because of some personal reason. I ordered Teh Tarik Ais and Roti Nan. The Roti Nan is quite delicious.

We talked a lot of crap and laughed out loud till the other customers are not happy.
Drink more water...
and etc.. laugh non stop

I also managed to take some pictures. =)

What are they looking at?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Boring School Days

Yesterday I went to school. My class has the highest attendance. Other classes has only the most 4 people. We brought a lot of things to play such as laptops, cards, drinks and even mahjong!
Its my first time playing mahjong in school. What an experience.

We even played dota in school!! Someone even scared me when I was walking to the toilet. I was walking with Kah Wei when suddenly Gary and Jian Hao suddenly jump out and frightened me.
He really got me!! I shout out loud and the Xin Yi from 6BS2 saw it. Such a disgrace.

Here are some pictures of us celebrating our VICTORY!! BEAR BEAR HONG!!