Saturday, December 7, 2013

Think rationally.

Ever since the incident, I keep on thinking. Why am I so stupid before?
Believing someone that I shouldn't be believing. For everything I had done, a payback of lies is what I get.
My friends told me, I dint win anything but lose a friend. Yeah, its true. so true.
Ever since you were sad, Im there one there helping you. Comforting you since Im afraid you might do silly stuffs.Coming forward in protecting you. I even quarreled with Oscar because of your matter. Everyone dint bother to believe your words. Who is the one who bring you to have fun at KL and my hometown.
The one who bring you to wash your injuries. All a while, I am the only one trusting you to the end.
When the end comes, all I get is a lie. A big fucking lie.
Maybe I deserve all of this because of my stupidness. You even ask me why I dint have trust in you?
I put all my trust in you and end up with a lie I never knew. How could I trust you more.
Yes, friendship is full of believes and trust but when there is a lie, how can someone still trust you?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Crazy night.

Crazy as always my life in Kampar but one night solves its all.
Why are you trying to turn the story upside down. From truth to another fake story.
Even when you are talking, you cant talk straight because you are talking crap and all the stories are made up? Come on please. We are not infants anymore. We are Uni students and you aspect people to believe what you say with just one word? People are not stupid. You are stupid.
I dont want to talk about the other guys story here because its none of my business.
I just want to talk about mine. Why you need to send messages to others saying this and that?
Cant you use your brain and think? You dont have any friends and want to make others suffer?
Is your heart really that black? You dont like to see other people happy is it?
I already know one friend that betrayed me and you still need to push 3 more of my best friends?
Is it necessary? After that you still have the courage to call them and say that we force you?
Really you can be the QUEEN FAKER in everything. I know you for so long and this is how you treat your friends? Bringing them up onto the table?
Please dont keep saying you are innocent and stuffs. The whole things of coming out to settle it is you.
After asking one of my friends, you dare to say that you dint say anything?
Come one crazy ass, you just said it 2 minutes ago and now you say you dint?
WOW. BIG CLAP FOR YOU. You can wash other people's brain including the guy you once loved but you cant wash ours. Be rational before talking and dont be so childish in blocking people here and there.
Kindergarten is it? block here block there
And for the friend that I most cherish before, use your common sense and think. She dint lie you one but many times and you still believe all the crap she says? You even dare to lie infront of us? Once a lie is said, how can our trust still be there? Im really dissapointed in you.  Im the only one there helping you in denying everything and this is what I get? Who is the one first in so much pain and I keep helping you? Who is the one who stay beside you and trust all the things you said at first? You dare to ask me why I dont fuking trust you? I know this day will come for me and now I have to face it.
I hope you are happy in doing this decision.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Crystal's Graduation.

So happy for my friend Crystal for her graduation. I promised her early this year that I would certainly attend her graduation. Finally I can see her with her graduation robe and hat! So touching as a friend to witness everything. All the best for your future and good of lucks to come. My friends, Liz and Shereen also joined the party!
Me and Crystal.

Liz and Crystal.

Fei and Crystal.

The graduates wannabes.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kuantan favorite buddies.

Plan to go back Kuantan for Raya is also having a chance to meet my long lost buddies.
The last time I met them was during Chinese New Year. Its like 6 months ago.
We still keep in touch occasionally and gossip a lot.
So glad to have the chance to meet them. Our next gathering might be New year next year. so long...
All the best for you guys. Faster find a partner please. Our group is the most fallback compare with others.
I still cant believe the porridge story. I rather cook 8 dishes and 1 soup. too bad 

Raya Holidays

Since I have one week off for my Raya Holidays, I decided to be at Kuantan for the holidays. Its been a while since I am back to Kuantan. Each semester I only go back one or twice the most. Its super far and I have to drive around 5-6 hours. Super tiring.
Meet Ace. The huge dog. 
Super huge dog. Ace.

Enjoying the beautiful scenery. 

Me and Calson.

Me and Daddy.

Margarita anyone? 


Self taking Cal. lollllll.....

Pot luck extravaganza. 

Night view of the house. 

Polo T by Ralph Lauren.
Grey jeans by Uniqlo.
Watch by Esprit. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Cant wait to go KL for shopping and relaxing. Recently bought so much things that I dont even dare to see my wallet. You know #yolo right? This time I get to go back hometown to meet my crazy friends. Our last gathering is last Chinese New Year. Few months past just like that.
Recently I'm so addicted to Cartier. Their collection is just superb! Cant keep my eyes away.
Isn't she a beauty? Cartier Love Bracelet. There is a story behind it actually. 

Hermes is getting on my nerves also. Just breath taking.
How can you resist this babies? Hermes CDC bracelet. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Despicable Me 2

The movie is super funny. The minions are so cute. The 2nd season is so much better than the first one.
Ba ba ba na na na BANANA!!
Aloha! Bello. LOL.
Had fun with my mates during the movie. We laugh damn hard.
During the yc session, we laughed even more. Its been a while since my last yc with such a huge gang.
Kinda miss the old days but everything is fine now.
Despicable Me 2

Arent they so cute? haha. lol

Apart from that, my life is kinda mixed up now. Full of things to do.
I advice you is for your own good. If you dont like it then I wont say it again. just sayin. lol.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


WhenI don't know why. 
Today is such a bad day for me. 
I don't think I did anything wrong. 
Everything I did is for my best friend. 
As a friend, I must protect him. 
Everything bad happen in one day. How can I stand it? 
Sometimes I just want to give up. Stop everything that fucks me up. Shall I do it? 
I have my own problems too. 
When can I start to smile like this again? 
I still don't know. Sometimes I smile doesn't mean I'm happy. I just want someone to talk. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Feel the pain.

Suddenly wanted to write something on my blog.
Just some thoughts I should voice out here.
This is nothing personal or aiming anyone but I should really say this.
As a good friend, seeing you in such pain really makes my heart pain.
You are a good person but sometimes you are a bit hot tempered but you shouldnt be treated like this.
Played, moved, used and stuffs, is it necessary?
There shouldnt be anything left to be connected.
Just saying.

Penang Trip.

Its been a while seen this trip. Had a great time even though its just a few days. Thanks to my best friend's sister to bring us around Penang to enjoy good food and nice places.

Selfies at the hotel room. We are staying at Tune Hotel tho.
Penang is all about the hawker foods. Super love it. Fattening much but who cares. Im on vacation babeyh!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Official 21.

 Celebrating my birthday in Kampar is also quite new. They really planned something huge. Its kinda huge if you ask me. Before 12am, I thought there wont be any celebration until the actual night.
They send me a ghost message. This most failed message if you asked me. lol.  wtf.

Look at my reply. lol. Then they switched off the main switch light. Total black out at my house. Then of course I started shouting "WHO PLAY SO BIG?"
When I open the door, it was so dark and acted as ghost to scare the hell of me. I was totally shocked and shouted some foul words of course. Two bladdy hell bastard knew that I was afraid of ghost.

Dont blame me for the outfit. Total last minute.
With the big liar that night. Nick Chin.
With Calson. One of the ghost.
With Jason, Jessyca and Annie. Jason is also one of the ghost -.-
With Jamie, Liz and Shereen. Three beauties. 

With Austin, Sean and Karl.

With Bao, Chee We and Kean Hing

With Ah Cai.

Esprit bag from Nick.
Pentel from Calson
Kickers belt from Jamie
Valentino from Leroy. 

Printer from Liz Fei Jason Jessyca Karl Chai and Annie