Monday, August 30, 2010

KL Trip

On Saturday we went for badminton. I was very tired after the game. Jie Wen also call me go die. WALAO. I very hurt lo. 我接受吾到咯!!
On Sunday, I went to KL to fetch my brother for study. We got a chance to go shopping!!
Its been a long time since I can really shop till drop. Haha.
Bought some short pants, long pants and T-Shirt.

Sorry for the low quality pictures. =X

Bought some Zara. Thanks mummy~
My favourite bag. Long time dint use already.

Pelindung Hiking

Last Friday we went for hiking at Pelindung to TC2. I don't feel like going but my friends keep on asking me to go. At last, I went. It is a nice sport. We went up Pelindung Hill. I cannot breathe after walking for just 15mins. My leg hurts and I breathe so loud!! I and my friend Jo Ann was the last of our group. We rest a while and continued our 'journey'. At last we reached the entrance to TC2. Before reaching the entrance, I saw a bright light. OMG. I was so happy. Actually I saw Cheryl with her pose over there waiting for me and Jo Ann to arrive. CHEH!! Ingat apa.
We rest a while and continued our 'journey'. While walking, a guy riding his bicycle called "uncle" for 3 times. I dint care him because I don't know he was calling me. He keep on looking at me and continued calling me "uncle". KA-NA-SAI!! Are you blind? I guess everyone heard it.
After that we reached TC2 safely. The sea was so beautiful. I can hear the sea waves and
sunlight. The light is the real light I was looking for. After that we go for breakfast at Hoi Yin. Had lots of FUN!!
In the evening, economy tuition.
At night, Jine Yee's party. We played and ate a lot!! Had lots of fun.

Stupid cat playing around.

Scenery at TC2.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fang Wei and Edward's Birthday

This Wednesday we celebrated Fang Wei and Edward's birthday. We bought a cake for them. We enjoyed eating the cake together and I took a lot of pictures. We are cam whoring in the class. I used my camera and took a lot of funny pictures of everyone. Everyone was scared when I took out the camera and wanted to take their photos!! It was fun. I think my class is FULL of laughter and joy. Everyday we have something new and something to laugh at. I also bought a new pair of contact lenses. It is dark grey that made my eyes look bigger. HAHA. Of course bigger because it is 17mm. OMG!!~~

Tomorrow we are going for pelindung hiking!! Hope to have some fun!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

MUET story telling ver 2.0

Dickson: One day, a boy name Gary went to the bus station.He saw a white thing cross infront of him at the bus station. At the time is 12a.m. sharp.

Kah Wei: Then Gary feel scared and he prayed the God to bless him. Then suddenly someone touched his shoulder. Then Gary say: "Dont touch me ... Dont touch me ..."

Jian How: Gary felt very scared, when he turned behind he saw a old lady and said she was lose.

Syahir: Gary decide to sent her to her destination.

Jin Ann: Gary also lose, Gary and the old lady searched for the white thing together.

Gary: while searching white thing, they met mat rempit.One of the mat rempit name Sister Theresa accidentally hit the old lady and she was cut into half.

Edward: The rest of the mat rempit run away except Sister Theresa, she pick up the old lady body and put into her motor. Gary help Sister Theresa, then they went to the grave yard and throw the dead body on the ground.Actually Gary n Sister Theresa was a vampire.Both of them ate the body of old lady.

Chui Ting: While enjoying their meal, a Warewolf named Edward suddenlly came out and joined them.

Bi Hui: Suddenly Edward get angry he wan more food so he fought Gary and Sister Theresa.

Fang Yuan: Edward lose in the fought and he died. Gary and Sister Theresa comtinue finished their meal.

Fang Wei: The bone of both Edward and old lady was feed to the dog. Then Gary and Sister Theresa changed back to human and searching for the next target.

Waynee: Gary and Sister Theresa went a dark house to find another victim.

Steph: Once Gary and Sister Theresa open the door, they saw a man, his back is facing them.They cant see clearly the man face.

Swarna: Sudenlly the man turn infront, they shocked. The man brought them to a grave yard and the grave yard was full of vampire dead body. They are scared and they got a flash back when they eating the old lady heart they felt pain and sorrow.

Aziema: The man was a vampire hunter.

Jiayi: The man transformed to a vampire hunter, Gary and Sister Theresa escaped.

Kar Ann: Gary and Sister Theresa escaped but fail. Then the vampire hunter chased after them.

Cheryl: Since Gary and Sister Theresa can escaped. They fought with the vampire hunter.

Affendy: The vampire hunter, Gary and Sister Theresa fought. The hunter used his weapon attacked Gary. Gary shivering, then he heard a voice asked him to wake up and was late to school. It just a dream.

Not very funny story that feels strange.

Copy and paste from cheryl blog!! =)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Its been a week

Its has been a week since I last updated my blog. Getting lazier already. Many things happened during this week. Last week was Fang Yuan's birthday. Everyone celebrated with her. Last Saturday was my first time playing badminton with my friends at Semambu Badminton Court. I had so much fun! I exercise a lot on that day. My friend Kah Wei was smashed by the racket on his face. I laugh like mad. Everyone had fun and we go for breakfast. After breakfast I rushed home and bath to get ready to go for the movies. I and my friend went and watch The Last Airbender. It was a nice movie. So yeng but too much action but overall its nice. At night we have to go for Account tuition. I was exhausted!! The next day, my whole body was in pain!! My hands, legs and body was in PAIN!
During this week, we study a lot and had fun during MUET class. SO FUNNY!!

Me: What is the meaning of OUNCE?
Someone: You should read more dictionary!!
Me: =.=
Everyone: HAHAHA!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today is the most pity day for me. I am really sad. Someone threw a book towards my forehead with high force and velocity. Actually I just wanted to see his pencil box but I don't know he would react like this. If I know I won’t do it! The THICK PA book flies towards my forehead. I straight away black out. I felt very dizzy and pain. I quickly put my head on the table. En.Ismail saw everything and keeps on asking what happened. It was very annoying. My friends were in shocked of what they saw and everyone keep quiet. They concern about me especially my assistant monitor. Thank you all for your concern. I know my forehead was bleeding when I look into the mirror. IT GREW UP 2CM. WALAO!! I ate 'nasi goreng' to gain back the blood that I lost.

Later we went for MUET period, the funniest period of all. We watch National Geographic Channel. We watched something about the SPERM WHALE and CAT FISH. Everyone laughed when I say 'SPERM WHALE'. Haha. That made back my day. I also love the song that the girls sang. It was very funny. DYTC!! DYTC!! Love it!

Seriously I won’t ever play with him already. Until now I still feel the pain and dizzy.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mother Theresa Vs Cinderella

Today I feel very bored with the PBSM jamuan and stuffs. Today we even got speaking practice again. Teacher asked me to give them comments. Overall everyone did very well but just some minor grammar mistakes. Keep it up everyone!!
Few days ago, our MUET teacher asked us to create a story. OMG. Here is the story.

cheryl: Once upon a time, there was a pretty dog n a cute bear,they went to the nearest town to find a job.

ann: They went to the town to find job because they wanted to earn money.

jiayi: On the way to the town, they saw a ugly duckling sitting aside the lake sadly.

aziema: They sat and bry together.

Swarnna: They went to the wonderland and let Alice. Alice taught the dog how to bark, taught the bear how to growl, n the duck how to quek.

steph: They learned it for 3 months. They walk to the other town n met fang yuan, the Cinderella there.

waynee: Cinderella brought them to the jungle n met Dickson, the tarzan.

fang wei: Dickson felt hungry n killed the ugly duck and baked it to eat. Cinderella felt sad n angry. She planned to kill the tarzan.

fang yuan: The pretty dog n the cute bear fought for Cinderella because both of them fall in love wif Cinderella. Unfortunately, the pretty dog dead.

bi hui: Then Prince Gary appeared. The tarzan n Prince Gary fought for Cinderella. Tarzan died.

chui ting: Prince Gary won the fight. Prince Gary n Cinderella married.

Edward: Prince Gary n Cinderella quarrel a lot. Suddenly Mother Theresa came out n solved the problem between Prince Gary n Cinderella. Prince start to fall in love wif Mother Theresa. He think tat Mother Theresa is the better choice.

Gary: Cinderella killed the Prince Gary n Mother Theresa because she envy them.

Jin Ann: At the same time, the cute bear commit suicide because Prince Gary was dead. The bear n Prince Gary r the best fren. But Mother Theresa did not dead yet n she met wif another tarzan named kah wei.

Jian How: Cinderella killed Tarzan Kah Wei because she envy Mother Theresa.

Kah Wei: Mother Theresa was so angry, suddenly she slapped Cinderella. Then Cinderella vomit blood n died.

Dickson: Mother Theresa very sad. She go to St. Mary Church to be a priest. The good Mother Theresa is BORN!!! God bless you all.

Dickson u end wif a lame BAD!!!


I'm beginning to love my class so much with all the jokes and funny actions. I know you all LOVE to see my beautiful face emotion. Haha.