Friday, January 28, 2011

When I'm Bored

When I have nothing to do, I would surf the internet and look out for nice stuffs. The stuffs I mean is about clothes. I love to see the latest fashions. I dont know why. Its been a passion for a long time. I can look at it for hours and dont feel bored.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Its Bao Shian and Vicky's Birthday. Another 2 girls turning 19 yo. Im gonna be next!
HAHA!! Cant wait for 19 but not 20. Going into my 20's is like WTH?
Im that old already?? Just cant believe it.


Dint get to take a picture with Bao Shian but here is the birthday card.
My beautiful writing. LOL!

Birthday girl Vicky. Happy Birthday!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mood Swing.

This few days having mood swing. I don't know why. Maybe its the weather or its my thoughts. Sometimes I just don't give a damn! I explained myself and I think I did my best.
Feels like they don't want to talk with me anymore? What did I do? I just helped my friend when she needs advice. Is that wrong? I got much stuff to care for myself.

At this moment my BB service expired. Using my brother's laptop because my laptop is under repair. Lots of homework to be done. Essays that I'm lazy to do. I know its much more than to compare with Science class students but I'm still not used to it!
Thinking of CNY stuffs makes my head go boom!!

Maybe I should start being emoish for the whole day. Just say HI and BYE only?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lazy Me.

Its been weeks since I last updated my blog. Been very busy lately.
Most of them are decisions. Finally I decided NOT to resit my MUET test.
Now I don't need to attend MUET class and can concentrate on other subjects.
I need to find sponsor for the Blood Donation on March. March would be a very busy month. We will have our monthly test, Blood Donation and my birthday! Im turning 19 yo. SO FAST!

Something happened in school last week. It is very unfortunate. I hope it wont happen again and I would thank all my friends for caring me. Some even sms me to ask hows my condition. Such good friends are hard to find.

Its gonna be CNY in 1 week. CANT WAIT!! This year I'm celebrating with A LOT of new friends.
Seriously gonna have FUN!!

P/S: I hope the picture on top wont scare you. =X

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Raise Fund.

Last Friday we stayed back in school to collect funds from people. Actually its kinda fun but we must be brave enough to ask. HAHA!
We did raise some funds but the amount is not very much. We will be working on it. Here are some pictures.
Cant wait for Chinese New Year!! Everything would be FUN!!

Muka Handsome?

Im the photographer. No me. =(

Friday, January 14, 2011

Giving up?

I have been busy this week with my school work and stuffs. Been planning a trip with Bao Shian to Yakult and UKM. Everything I do and tell the teacher, she just ban my ideas. Saying this and that.
Buat kerja yang luar biasa and saying me very terburu-buru for the trip. She is getting into my nerves. I worked so hard for the club and she just say that she needs to teman her family.
WHAT IS THIS? If you are so freaking scared of getting into trouble, just tell.
Asking us to plan stuffs ourselves and banning everything is such a waste of time. SCREW YOU!

Its Kee Boon's Birthday and they planned a surprise for her. At last something to make me happy?
Playing with Cheryl's camera in the class is very fun. Looking at them jumping around. HAHA!

I love this picture. Looks like Im in a comic. LOL

Class photo from the magazine.

Birthday girl and her cake. The cake has her name as 'NOOB BOON' LOL!!

Speechless. =)

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I started having fever on Friday morning. Feeling dizzy and want to vomit. I dint went to tuition and go to see the doctor. I am very dizzy and there is no point going to tuition. I stayed home and rest. I hate being sick and its been a while since I was sick. Thanks to everyone who wished me to get well soon. I really appreciate it. Hope I wont get sick anymore because its my examination year. Now I am still thinking if I should retake my MUET. Should I?
Should I buy a new phone? If I buy, I dont wanna sell my Blackberry. Hmm....

Thinking too much makes me dizzy again. ARGH!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MUET Results

Today the MUET results is out. I got Band 3. Not really satisfied with my results.
Still considering of retaking the exam or not. If I wanna retake it, do I have to listen to
MUET teachers lessons? Still wondering.
As I know Arts Students getting Band 3 is already enough. (according to account tuition teacher)

I am still getting use of my school time. I got to wake up so early and prepare for school. We are discussing our Chinese New Year party. What are we gonna do during the festival?

Today I enjoyed looking at my friends photobook. It is very nice to keep all the memories like that.
It gave me an idea of putting all my Form 6 pictures together. I think it would be nice. =)


Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Post

Its been days since I last updated my blog. Its 2011. Cant believe I am going to turn 19.
That means Im turning 20 next year. Becoming older and need to be more mature?
Its been a fun time counting down with my friends. Its my first year counting down with school friend. I helped them to prepare the Tom Yam sup. It tastes great. HAHA!!
My extension wire spoiled that night but luckily my dad dint scold me.
After counting down with my friends, I joined my brother for clubbing. Kinda wild that night because after that I cant party like mad anymore. STPM is coming.

Today is the 2nd day of school. As usual I have to wake up early. Cant manage the time yet.
Sometime I slept in class but who cares. Btw, school SUCKS!
What is the point of doing diagnostic? I dont even give a damn.
Tonight is the first tuition lesson. Hope I can bare the boredom.

Love my leather jacket. =)

Group picture. Its a big group.