Friday, March 25, 2011

Cute lil Teh.

Went to the orphanage with my friends today. Our Chemistry President Bao Shian. You did a great job. I love going there. Every time I go there, I feel that they are very pitiful. Pn Lee asked me today, what you think of when coming here. I said, I feel so sad for them. How are they going to survive when they enter the community next time? The most we can do for them is just giving them presents and biscuits. Next trip, I am going to give them my old toys. Its still quite new. The most special one over there is lil Teh. A liitle Chinese boy. He is so cute and clever. He would sit down there quietly and colour the pictures I gave him. Im not racist but I find that there is only 1 Chinese boy. Hope to meet him at the next trip.

What we do best in school?

We love to take pictures in class during free periods. I think most of my friends who are shy has already been influenced. This few days we have been changing our profile pictures to my friends ugly pictures. First is me. Really laugh like mad looking at the pictures. All the comments are my faces. Loving my class even more!

After eko class. This is normal.

Dia rela punya.

Flexible? I know I look like Sponge Bob.

We looking at 36 C.

Angle problem.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shut up.

I had enough with your stupid and childish attitudes. Make me want to puke every time. I was very happy to go to the orphanage until I know that you are also going. I dint say its wrong for you to go but I dont want to see your fucking face on Saturday. Dont you understand?
What you did to people is over the boundaries and its annoying. Talking with people with your fucking attitude is making me want to give you a big slap.
Trust me, everyone hates you. They dont dare to say it out because what?
Because they are afraid that you would get mad showing your stupid face and throwing them a book.
You dare to say me sensitive? Try having a book thrown back to you. FUCKER!
I would pity you because you dont have real friends. They are just afraid of you.

I messaged you and told you before about your attitude. What to do? You still keep on doing it. I think because its the real you? You love doing it to people? Get a life fucker.
You know who you are. Get a life.

Its my first time writing foul words on my blog. You deserve it.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

School Start

Holiday is coming to an end. Like literally its an unproductive week. Full of tuitions and stuff but I still have the chance to go watch 3 movies and sing karaoke. Its a bit of satisfaction and I went up the hill with my friends. Starting from tomorrow I would be less online. Im serious here.
No more Facebook.
No more Blogging.
No more Twitter. (maybe I cannot do this)
No more looking at online shops.
No more movies.
No more karaoke.
No more drama.
Whats life then? STUDY!
Form 6 life right? FML.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pelindung Hill

Today I went hiking with my friends. I wanted to challenge myself and of course to cut down some lbs. It is really a satisfaction for me but pity my legs. It really hurts right now. I almost lost hope in the middle of the track but my friend encourage me to continue. Love the Hong Kong movie we watched yesterday. Really is a 18 pl movie with the foul language and the 'ham sap' part.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

End of it.

Its Friday that means I still have 2 days more of holiday. So fast my holiday is going to finish and its back to the reality. I dont know why, I dont feel like going back to school.
First of all, I dont want to face the after holiday exams.
Second, I dint really enjoy my holiday because its full of tuitions.
Third, I still cant face my STPM.
I hope that I could pull myself together and start studying.
I am still watching dramas now when my friends are all studying.
I cant accept that.
After this holiday, I MUST STUDY!
Wish me all the best.
Movie tonight again. Hope it turns out nice. I dont want to watch lousy movie anymore.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Watched Rango the other day with my friends. My friend said its nice and funny but turned out to be boredom. We are not watching but talking in the cinema. Some part is kinda funny but not really a great movie. Screw the one who said its nice. Dint watch a nice movie before?
Got my new glasses today and my brother say its kinda funny. HAHA!
Tuition classes for this holiday is finally over. Rotting at home as usual. I need to find some activities!

Love it or hate it?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Went to sing karaoke with my friends last night. Really had so much FUN! Finally I cant sing karaoke after craving it for few months! Its my first time going there this year. I sang until I was HIGH? After that we went for movies with my wonderful friends. Really laughed like mad in the cinema. Oh~wuu~Oh~~
You will understand if you watched the movie.
Big Mommas Like Father Like Son!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I cant believe that our Secret Garden picture has reached 100 likes and its still increasing. Really dint thought of that. Really love that picture. Really thanks to my classmate for making it a success. HAHA! Cheryl, your idea ROCKS! We shall take more of this kind of pictures.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Presentation Day.

This week we had our presentation for our colloqium. Actually I dont feel very scared until the last minute. My friends have been rehearsing the whole night. My group members did a great job. I really salute to them! You guys rock the stage. As for my friends Gary and Jin Ann, they are very scared. As usual Gary's face was very red but you succeed in finishing your presentation. You did very good than what I expected. Dint shiver at all. Give a clap for yourself! Is it because someone help you in rehearsing and support? HAHA! Talk back about my presentation. Actually when Cheryl and Jasher came forward and took a picture of me, I stopped talking at pose for the camera. Is it a natural action for me? I think I'm addicted to the camera. Thanks to my classmates of course! Really thanks to my friends for the moral support and keep shouting my name! Really do appreciate it. Love you all very much. Here are some pictures of me and my members presenting!

Me presenting.

Louis presenting.

Mr Hao presenting.

As usual I would pose. Dont blame me. HAHA!

Our audience. Thanks for the cheering. Love them!

Sifu and Tou Dai? Louis is the Sifu for now. HAHA!

My 6AK2 Heng Dai's. Less liao Louis. Where are you?

This picture damn cute. Pn Tan?

Louis playing around. Want to challenge our teacher? LOL!

Me sitting next to Azhar and being Datin Genga? Cant see my eyes liao.

Our beautiful team! Love them.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


We love to take pictures. After the presentation we went back to our class and keep on taking pictures. We act like the actors. Really gau xiu and NICE. Love all of them especially the Secret Garden one. Thank you Cheryl for choosing me to act the pic. I really love the drama. HAHA!
Here are the pics. Love them and like them at facebook.

My favorite of them all! Thanks Cheryl.

2pm? Gary! YENG!

2pm-Jin Ann Most look alike with the picture!

2pm- Louis Damn yeng lo.

Myself- No comment.

Jiayi- Acting like the drawing she drew. CUTE!


Getting to love my class even more. We love to take pictures with super gau xiu post. The pictures are awesome. Love everyone of them. Hope to take more pictures to have a wonderful memory in SMART.

Our Big Head Pictures.

Lets post 1 2 3 4 5 6 7!



As usual 1 2 3.

All the LC face. Really good in acting right?

Again 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Love.


1 2 3 4 5.

Emo-ish face.

They love to bully me. HAHA!

My Class.

We had been playing around with camera this few day. Everyday in school is like photoshooting. Love the pictures we took together. It would be a good memory when I turn old? Even some friends who dont like to take pictures also took part in the photo taking. Actually I love my class very much. New friends with new life during FORM 6. Many activities and gossips in the class. I followed my friend to give comments to everyone. Big Head Pictures!! All of them have been edited so dont worry.

Gary- One of my best friend that I know during Form 6. At first you are super shy and wont talk much but now you can talk non stop. Feel good for you to have a wonderful girlfriend. Dont always bully me lah. It feels great to talk secrets with you. I know you love it too. HAHA!

Louis Ng- A friend that I knew for so many years. Suddenly love to act cute already. Maybe you are influenced by me? One of the SHAN SHIN in my class. Super clever at studying. Hope you will get straight A for STPM. Make our class proud! I know maybe we spent less time together already but we are still good friends!!

Tan Cheryl- Always bully me in class. Really very ganas but sometimes feel fun to play around. Love to talk jokes together. Our Dai Ka Jie in my class. Love your dyed hair. Envy sei le..

Jiayi- One of the most talkative girl in the class. Sometimes you think too much but I can tell you its wrong. Be yourself and enjoy your life. Why always be sad? Happy jiu hao le. One of my fashion partner in class. Sometimes we love to talk about clothes and bags. You really have taste and I love talking with you. Of course sometimes would bully me and deng me. Have fun right?

MR Lee Jian Hao- Lengzai already forget me lah! Super kurus already if compare with last time. Dont always so shy and be more sporting. Most girls like that I think. You can kau lui de. Dont be scared. Quite pro in study but dont want to show? HAHA. Its normal I think. If now kurus already so LC, later got girlfriend more LC? HAHA!

Kar Ann- My wife in the class? Joking only and you know Im jogging also. Sometimes your voice really beh tahan but its yourself. Be yourself? Sometimes dont so chun lah. Our class top MODEL! Remember your Graduation Night post? LOL!

Stephanie- A girl who changed a lot this year. Become more talkative jor but its good. Can talk more in class. The way you laugh really geng!! Really love your dog. Damn cute. Hope you are happy with your new dog and good luck in your studies. =)

See Jin Ann- Xiao Ke Ai. The first guy in our class to couple. Really cute lah you. Cannot deny it. Love to sit with you in class. You can teach me things and I can teach back you. Sometimes you very LC loh. Most important is always wash your hair. HAHA! XIAO KE AI ALWAYS IS KE AI!

Fang Wei- My daughter in the class. Sometimes I make you angry but its just joking. You are very pretty because you are my daughter ma. Sometimes love to deng your father de. Stay hard and stay pretty ah. Dont always talk in the class. Concentrate. >.<

Chui Teng- At first we always quarrel but now I realize you are different than what i expected. Dont so stress in your studies. Work hard liao jiu okay de. Dont always bully Louis. Pity him leh.

Fang Yuan- My assistant monitor. You are very smart but sometimes the way you talk really geng. Some of us really cannot stand it. I know you would help your friends when they are in trouble and you are willing to teach them. Its good. Work hard and you will get what you want.

Bi Hui- The friendly girl in class. Dont talk much but when you talk the whole class would shake!
Really love your brother. So damn cute loh. I dont know what you are thinking of but shun kei zhi yin lah! Good luck in your coming MUET exam. You can do it. I trust in you. =)

Waynee- The one who always let me bully? HAHA! Study harder!

Vanessa- Our class newbie. We quarreled before but we are fine now. Dont always ponteng class cause I cannot cover for you. Study harder cause you missed out a lot.

Edward- Good luck.