Saturday, November 17, 2012

Short Update

Its been weeks since my last update. Life here is kinda hectic everyday. Finally could update my super much spider web blog. One week holiday is gonna end. Had so much fun. 2 times steamboat plus many times to Ipoh. Watched almost all the movies available at the cinema. Super having fun with my buddy, Nick. I dont know why. We are starting to be sohai/crazy buddies. Gonna get ready for my presentation and exam next week. Finally my swimming trunks are here. I can finally go for a swim with them. Uni life is getting much better compare from last semester. Last semester is a pile of shit! 

The girls. Fei, Liz and Jamie. 

With Calson. 

Ah Pek Leroy. He is just always blur. 

With Nick. 

Enjoy your uni life because its the last bunch of friends that is real to you. Gonna shop for Christmas next week. Cant wait to buy stuffs. H&M is having a sale and I super love their new season collection. wtf. spending again!