Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Life. Full of fun, sad , happy , excitement, stages and many more.
How I see life now? I just want to think. Maybe Im too young to think about this.
20yo and I have gone into so much things. I dont mean marriage or stuffs.
Having these allergies inherited, That syndrome inherited.
Seeing stupid and scary stuffs?
I had enough. Why me? Why not dont inherit? Why not dont see?
Maybe sometimes I do look strong. Laugh like crazy Joke like mad.
But inside of me. I would think of many things. Things that I shouldnt think.
Now I have a whole new life. Whole new friends. All of them are nice to me.
Enjoying my uni life to the max.
Hope next year would be more better for everyone. I just hope so.
Maybe a bit better for me?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Short Update

Its been weeks since my last update. Life here is kinda hectic everyday. Finally could update my super much spider web blog. One week holiday is gonna end. Had so much fun. 2 times steamboat plus many times to Ipoh. Watched almost all the movies available at the cinema. Super having fun with my buddy, Nick. I dont know why. We are starting to be sohai/crazy buddies. Gonna get ready for my presentation and exam next week. Finally my swimming trunks are here. I can finally go for a swim with them. Uni life is getting much better compare from last semester. Last semester is a pile of shit! 

The girls. Fei, Liz and Jamie. 

With Calson. 

Ah Pek Leroy. He is just always blur. 

With Nick. 

Enjoy your uni life because its the last bunch of friends that is real to you. Gonna shop for Christmas next week. Cant wait to buy stuffs. H&M is having a sale and I super love their new season collection. wtf. spending again!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Moral Assignment.

Our assignment for Moral is about a documentary. Our task is to film a 8 to 10 minutes video about suicide. Appreciate and love our life. Help others that are in need and teach them to love their lives. Don't ever try to suicide. Actually I really like this topic because I feel that people who think of suicide is rather dumb and unappreciative.
Why unappreciative? 
Your life is not just only about you. Its about your family, friends and the ones whom loves you.
Don't be selfish.
They will feel sad over it.
Your parents raise you up to be someone and not by killing yourself.

First Day of Filming.
The first part is about me so I am super nervous. Everyone is looking at me.
Other students thought it was real and ran over to save me from killing myself. This is the most funny part.
Everyone was laughing. I really put much effort in filming until I even make it real by falling down. 
It hurts but worth it. 
 Appreciate live. Love your life. Life is AWESOME!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Farewell 26.8.2012

Everyone is going in their separate ways like for real. Really need to say bye to Form 6 friends. They changed me a lot. seriously. We decided to have a farewell dinner and to celebrate 3 buddies birthday which is Jian Hao, Louis and Fang Wei. 
Louis is my best and talkative friends since Form 3. During Form6 we always go out for yc even though just both of us, we will go. I dont know why but suang also. HAHA! After I go Utar, he forgot me already. wtf.
Jian Hao. The friend who change the most. First is appearance. From chubby to skinny and grow a bit taller. A bit only ah. HAHA! The first friend I would find when I have 心事. Thanks buddy!
Fang Wei. I know her during Form 6. I always call her Ah Lui. I know now she is very happy with her new man. Good luck!

Pictures with the birthday buddies. 
Mr Lee Jian Hao a.k.a Angry Bird

Ms Fang Wei ak.a Ah Lui

Mr Louis Ng. He cant keep his eyes off the lovely cupcake.
Cupcakes made by Jiayi sis. Super cute bunny and Angry Bird.
That Onion look like potato tho -.-

Happy Birthday!

Kinda like the food there tho. The taste not bad especially the Nachos.

Ginger Beer. Taste super good. 


My main dish.

Jian Hao's main dish. 
With Kar Ann. 

With Gary.

With Hao. 

With Louis. 

With Stephanie. LOL
Bought this One Piece set for Jian Hao. Hope he likes it. 

Group Photo. Will super miss them.

Outfit of the day 
Polo T by Ralph Lauren.
Pants by Zara Men.
Shoes by Topman.
Watch by Esprit.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Got so fed up looking at the notes so I decided to blog about my presentation.
Its my first presentation and only presentation this semester.
Others are just assignment but I rather have presentation.
All our topic is the same. Multinational Company.
Financial Accounting Framework. My favorite subject this semester.
Met new friends here and even twin. They are all super nice to me.
I laugh evilly at during tutorial and everyone would look at me. Cant stop laughing.

Nervous for presentation look? lol.

Our huge Finance mates! All so friendly.

With new friend Carl.

My presentation mates. lol.

The twins. Do they look alike?

On that day I was super happy and bought this Momo. Its a type of plant from Japan that brings Luck, Happiness and also Smart? Its cute and all 4 of us bought it. I say its to remember our friendship at Utar. It can live more than 100 years old tho.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Still in the dilemma in choosing to buy which gadget? A new phone or a new tablet?
S3 is so tempting with its Amoled screen and how thin it could be.
For me Note is still okay even though is kinda big in screen size. Its the combination of a phone and a tablet.
For boys its kinda hard to put in their pockets.
Then I thought about a new tablet. I dont really want an Ipad because I already have one back home.
My mum ask me to bring it here but its something like a big version of Iphone.
Which should I choose?
Samsung Galaxy Note?
Samsung Galaxy S3?
Samsung Tablet 10.1?
Ipad 3?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ipoh Day Trip.

Promised to blog about my one day trip. Its normal for Utar students to go Ipoh on weekends.
After 3 weeks being here, its time to relax. Movies, shopping and food. I think I spent too much on that day.
Woke up almost 9.30am and get ready for Ipoh. Planned to go for their dimsum but plan failed.
Just woke up face.
 It just took us about 30 minutes to reach Ipoh. Its like super near! We went to Ipoh Parade that I later on know its the most old shopping mall in town. wth. Had our lunch there.
MP Restaurant. lol


My lunch. Seafood spaghetti. yum,

Kien Joe's cheese baked rice.

Juet Jeen's fried rice. 

 After lunch, we shop around a while and we watched Men In Black 3. Not really a nice movie. Just a bit funny here and there. Not really exciting.

 Btw, its the worst GSC I have ever been. Seen a cinema seats to be a straight line from behind to the front?

After movie, we went for the famous Chicken Tauge Noodles. Super delicious, My favorite!
One of the oldest shop there. Lou Wong.


Taugeh. Super different from Kuantan.

The best soup noodles I ever had. YUMMY!

With the chicken. I dont really like the soy sauce they used. 

Wanted to try their Snowflakes but its called SnowFlakies or something. Really looks like Snowflakes but imitation. We then decided for Chatime. Also one of my favourites. 
Red bean Milk Tea. Craving for it.

Picture of the day. ME. Nothing to do in my room.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Being away from home and far is not easy. Its my first time going out for studies.
Kampar is a very good place but of course I miss Kuantan.
I miss everything. My parents, brothers, my 2 lovely dogs and my besties.
Chat at facebook and talking about our memories makes me more homesick.
Studies for me here is tiring and the weather isnt helping at all.
Need to study many new thing. Imagine taking German language.
There are of course other problems that I'm facing.
As a student, saving money is very important. Still learning tho.
I just wish to have someone to talk with me.
Listen to my thoughts and let me "shan".
Seriously, I miss Louis. He listens to what ever crap I talk.
Someone please sms me to chat with me. I need to say it out. 
Missing them so much! 

Miss them everytime I look at my phone wallpaper.