Friday, February 24, 2012

Everything in one.

My wannabe pose with my mates! Genting.

Sorry for my super lazy updating. My blog really have dust and spider webs to say the truth.
Missed many blogging chances due to laziness but I wont give up blogging. I start blogging during Form 6.
Recently Im super busy with work as a im a teacher? everyone asked me that -.-
Yeah, I'm a temporary teacher at Tengku Afzan and Bao Shian just joined me last week.
Talking about being a teacher, I am getting used to it. Scolding, teaching and chit chat-ing with students is okay for me. The most awkward moment is being called cikgu, cikgu and cikgu!
Try imagining 10 students calling you at the same time! Why? Their computer wont on or no internet. argh!
Students try to add me through facebook but I dint accept them. Maybe after teaching there? hmm..

Seriously in love with Genting's clown. Super funny and adorable. Too bad we cant play the outdoor theme park because of the heavy mist and rain. We sat near the clown and watched him for hours. Decided to enter the ghost house because we planned for so long. Its super waste of time and money. Seriously I cant still remember how rude that guy is. I will never go there again!! 

 Outfit of the day :
Jacket from China
T-Shirt from GAP
Skinny Jeans from ZARA
Shoes from Topman

Our happy faces.

Mr.Clown a.k.a Isaac

Mrs.Clown ;)

Problem? Eating #likeaboss

Kuala Lumpur
Second and third day is in Kuala Lumpur. Planned for shopping and enjoy life! Everything turned out great except everyday I have sore legs but its worth it. Image walking for 8 to 9 hours! -.-
Most fun part was playing games in our rooms. Monopoly Deal and the number games. laughed like mad!
Dint really get to shop much because there arent many sales and I'm kinda lazy to try.

Outfit of the day: 
Top from Esprit
Pants form ZARA
Shoes from Topman
*please exclude my innocent pose -,-

Group Photo 1.
Group Photo 2.
Snowflakes. love..

Ending my post with a song. I am kinda obsessed with it because of the lyrics. I hope you love it too.