Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Official 21.

 Celebrating my birthday in Kampar is also quite new. They really planned something huge. Its kinda huge if you ask me. Before 12am, I thought there wont be any celebration until the actual night.
They send me a ghost message. This most failed message if you asked me. lol.  wtf.

Look at my reply. lol. Then they switched off the main switch light. Total black out at my house. Then of course I started shouting "WHO PLAY SO BIG?"
When I open the door, it was so dark and acted as ghost to scare the hell of me. I was totally shocked and shouted some foul words of course. Two bladdy hell bastard knew that I was afraid of ghost.

Dont blame me for the outfit. Total last minute.
With the big liar that night. Nick Chin.
With Calson. One of the ghost.
With Jason, Jessyca and Annie. Jason is also one of the ghost -.-
With Jamie, Liz and Shereen. Three beauties. 

With Austin, Sean and Karl.

With Bao, Chee We and Kean Hing

With Ah Cai.

Esprit bag from Nick.
Pentel from Calson
Kickers belt from Jamie
Valentino from Leroy. 

Printer from Liz Fei Jason Jessyca Karl Chai and Annie

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Malacca 2012

Its been like 3 months since my last update. I know I'm a failed blogger.
Why I still continue to blog now? Nothing to do and find something to do?
I start blogging since Form 6. This blog bring back many memories to me.
Talking about our Malacca trip. Super FUN!!
Gained weight of course but everything was superb.
Shouting like mad at the motel. Shall try to go back Malacca again.
Must try crepe cake. Love the cheese flavor. 

Our friendship!

Famous yam rice.

I will surely miss you. Coconut Milkshake! *best ever*

The must try Satay Celup. *claps*