Monday, June 25, 2012


Still in the dilemma in choosing to buy which gadget? A new phone or a new tablet?
S3 is so tempting with its Amoled screen and how thin it could be.
For me Note is still okay even though is kinda big in screen size. Its the combination of a phone and a tablet.
For boys its kinda hard to put in their pockets.
Then I thought about a new tablet. I dont really want an Ipad because I already have one back home.
My mum ask me to bring it here but its something like a big version of Iphone.
Which should I choose?
Samsung Galaxy Note?
Samsung Galaxy S3?
Samsung Tablet 10.1?
Ipad 3?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ipoh Day Trip.

Promised to blog about my one day trip. Its normal for Utar students to go Ipoh on weekends.
After 3 weeks being here, its time to relax. Movies, shopping and food. I think I spent too much on that day.
Woke up almost 9.30am and get ready for Ipoh. Planned to go for their dimsum but plan failed.
Just woke up face.
 It just took us about 30 minutes to reach Ipoh. Its like super near! We went to Ipoh Parade that I later on know its the most old shopping mall in town. wth. Had our lunch there.
MP Restaurant. lol


My lunch. Seafood spaghetti. yum,

Kien Joe's cheese baked rice.

Juet Jeen's fried rice. 

 After lunch, we shop around a while and we watched Men In Black 3. Not really a nice movie. Just a bit funny here and there. Not really exciting.

 Btw, its the worst GSC I have ever been. Seen a cinema seats to be a straight line from behind to the front?

After movie, we went for the famous Chicken Tauge Noodles. Super delicious, My favorite!
One of the oldest shop there. Lou Wong.


Taugeh. Super different from Kuantan.

The best soup noodles I ever had. YUMMY!

With the chicken. I dont really like the soy sauce they used. 

Wanted to try their Snowflakes but its called SnowFlakies or something. Really looks like Snowflakes but imitation. We then decided for Chatime. Also one of my favourites. 
Red bean Milk Tea. Craving for it.

Picture of the day. ME. Nothing to do in my room.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Being away from home and far is not easy. Its my first time going out for studies.
Kampar is a very good place but of course I miss Kuantan.
I miss everything. My parents, brothers, my 2 lovely dogs and my besties.
Chat at facebook and talking about our memories makes me more homesick.
Studies for me here is tiring and the weather isnt helping at all.
Need to study many new thing. Imagine taking German language.
There are of course other problems that I'm facing.
As a student, saving money is very important. Still learning tho.
I just wish to have someone to talk with me.
Listen to my thoughts and let me "shan".
Seriously, I miss Louis. He listens to what ever crap I talk.
Someone please sms me to chat with me. I need to say it out. 
Missing them so much! 

Miss them everytime I look at my phone wallpaper. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Days of boredness.

 Yes, finally have the time to blog about my life here.
Form 6 is over and results are out. I need to face that fact. It remains as memories.
Of course those memories are valuable. We are the best gang. Moving on.
Now I'm pursuing my degree at Kampar, Perak.
Everyone says its hot, boring and so called dead town here.
Actually it rains almost everyday since I came here. Monsoon season?
The food here is extremely cheap because its all about student welfare here. 
The campus I can say is super huge and it took me 3 freaking hours for that campus tour. 
Imagine 3 hours walking from one faculty to another.
Met new friends around here. Many from Johor, Malacca and Ipoh.
Got my car sticker which means I can drive in the Uni.
Everything is fine here but of course its the first time I'm leaving home for studies.
I miss home. I miss my parents. I miss my dogs.
I think its normal right? To miss home. To miss the one you love.
Shall go to Ipoh this coming weekend.
My dad even ask me to go KL to find my brother more often.
Hope to update my blog more often. :)