Sunday, July 28, 2013


Cant wait to go KL for shopping and relaxing. Recently bought so much things that I dont even dare to see my wallet. You know #yolo right? This time I get to go back hometown to meet my crazy friends. Our last gathering is last Chinese New Year. Few months past just like that.
Recently I'm so addicted to Cartier. Their collection is just superb! Cant keep my eyes away.
Isn't she a beauty? Cartier Love Bracelet. There is a story behind it actually. 

Hermes is getting on my nerves also. Just breath taking.
How can you resist this babies? Hermes CDC bracelet. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Despicable Me 2

The movie is super funny. The minions are so cute. The 2nd season is so much better than the first one.
Ba ba ba na na na BANANA!!
Aloha! Bello. LOL.
Had fun with my mates during the movie. We laugh damn hard.
During the yc session, we laughed even more. Its been a while since my last yc with such a huge gang.
Kinda miss the old days but everything is fine now.
Despicable Me 2

Arent they so cute? haha. lol

Apart from that, my life is kinda mixed up now. Full of things to do.
I advice you is for your own good. If you dont like it then I wont say it again. just sayin. lol.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


WhenI don't know why. 
Today is such a bad day for me. 
I don't think I did anything wrong. 
Everything I did is for my best friend. 
As a friend, I must protect him. 
Everything bad happen in one day. How can I stand it? 
Sometimes I just want to give up. Stop everything that fucks me up. Shall I do it? 
I have my own problems too. 
When can I start to smile like this again? 
I still don't know. Sometimes I smile doesn't mean I'm happy. I just want someone to talk. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Feel the pain.

Suddenly wanted to write something on my blog.
Just some thoughts I should voice out here.
This is nothing personal or aiming anyone but I should really say this.
As a good friend, seeing you in such pain really makes my heart pain.
You are a good person but sometimes you are a bit hot tempered but you shouldnt be treated like this.
Played, moved, used and stuffs, is it necessary?
There shouldnt be anything left to be connected.
Just saying.

Penang Trip.

Its been a while seen this trip. Had a great time even though its just a few days. Thanks to my best friend's sister to bring us around Penang to enjoy good food and nice places.

Selfies at the hotel room. We are staying at Tune Hotel tho.
Penang is all about the hawker foods. Super love it. Fattening much but who cares. Im on vacation babeyh!