Sunday, October 31, 2010


I cant sleep so I decided to update my blog. Our school held a volleyball competition. My group members are ME, Kah Wei, Jian Hao, Gary, Edward, Jin Ann, Chui Teng, Fang Yuan, Xin Yi, Kar Ann and Fang Wei.
We played with full of joy even though some of our members cant really surf the ball but we all cheer for them. A lot of our gang cheers OUT LOUD!! Thanks for your support. =)

To be honest, I dint thought that we would win the competition. Am I dreaming?
Anyways, I am happy for our group to be full in attendance.

Bear Bear Hong ROCKS!!

Here are some pictures from Cheryl. =)

Our gang.


Pro surfing!!
Boys from our GROUP.

Bear Bear Hong!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Its been a long time since I watch drama. Cant find a good drama to watch till Stephanie recommended me 泡沫之夏.

The drama is nice. Love the romantic parts but really to much of kissing. Almost every episode also got kissing parts. The way they dress up is also very nice. Full of vest and formal clothes. Their hair is also very yeng!!

I will be ‘boiling’ this drama for this few days but I am slow at ‘boiling’. Haha.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Child's Eye

Watched Child's Eye with my friends. I was the organizer and I need to collect money from them and buy the tickets. So many things to do. The movie is kinda nice but not really scary. Some parts were quite shocking because they suddenly come out. Everyone had a good time. We went to JR after the movie. We drink something and played around.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Everything important this month has been over. Finally, everything is done.
Graduation Night- DONE
MUET Speaking- DONE
End Year Exam - DONE
Its still early till the holidays but we have nothing to do!! haha.
Here are some pictures of Graduation Night.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Batu Pahat

Went to Batu Pahat last Saturday to visit my brother. It was a 4 hours journey. It is very exhausting and boring to sit in the car for so long. We drank a lot of coffee and ate a lot of local foods. Here are some pictures!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Speaking test is coming next week.
Kinda scared already.
We got our slip already.
Im on Thursday 11am.
Hope I can do well.
Today we dint study much in class.
3 people brought their laptops so I have to bring the multi plug.
We watched some movies and play Plants Vs. Zombies. Very nice game. =)

Tomorrow I will be going to Batu Pahat to visit my brother. Hope to enjoy myself and can shop till crazy!!


I went for shopping with Gary, Edward, Jian Hao and Louis. We had lots of FUN!! We played around and tried a lot of stuff. We wanna hunt clothes for our Graduation Night. Even the guard is not happy with us because he knows we are playing a fool. Here are some pictures!!

Gary and I.
Me and Hao.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

KCL open house

Yesterday we all went to KCL's open house. Almost the whole gang of 6BK2 went. We arrive there almost 6pm. I know I lead the wrong way. Everyone was laughing non stop. We drove 5 cars to her house. More grand than wedding dinner. We ate Nasi Minyak and Nasi Dagang. The food was NICE. Teacher was very HAPPY!! Cheryl and Wannie took a lot of pictures!

Our gang!!
Me and Gary.

Me and teacher's famous car. LOL.

Me and the only 2 people from 6BK1.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Its October already. So FAST!! Lately I am more hard working in updating my blog. Thumbs up!! I think my schedule would be pack for this month. A lot of things to do with the school activities. I need to be more hardworking in my studies also. I'm starting to scare already. This is serious.

I fell kinda disappointed also for not able to go to the Singapore trip. Datin Salmiah say the places are not confirmed and need to wait for someone to withdraw from the trip, only we can enter. She says there is no place for our whole gang. Hope that Alor Akar's bus can give us some space.

o Graduation Night dinner

o MUET exam

o End Year Exam