Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Got so fed up looking at the notes so I decided to blog about my presentation.
Its my first presentation and only presentation this semester.
Others are just assignment but I rather have presentation.
All our topic is the same. Multinational Company.
Financial Accounting Framework. My favorite subject this semester.
Met new friends here and even twin. They are all super nice to me.
I laugh evilly at during tutorial and everyone would look at me. Cant stop laughing.

Nervous for presentation look? lol.

Our huge Finance mates! All so friendly.

With new friend Carl.

My presentation mates. lol.

The twins. Do they look alike?

On that day I was super happy and bought this Momo. Its a type of plant from Japan that brings Luck, Happiness and also Smart? Its cute and all 4 of us bought it. I say its to remember our friendship at Utar. It can live more than 100 years old tho.