Sunday, August 21, 2011


Trials are around the corner. I need more motivation to study and concentrate. I know study group really helps me but its not enough. I need more time right now. Kinda regret why I dint study earlier. Looking at my friends that work so HARD, I also must work harder. Not that I want to compete or something but I need to get good grades.

Many things happened recently that I need to make decision of. Making decisions are always hard. I hope my decisions are right and Its for the best. Good luck Dickson.

Sungai Lembing

Went to Sungai Lembing yesterday with my friends. This time I went with my ex schoolmates. Its been a long time since I last saw them. Jie Wen and Joshua. So long no see. Jie Wen, my 1 month plus classmate at SMART. Such a nice and good friend cause he help me out a lot. Every time he come back, he sure will find me for yumcha. During the SPCA trip, he even come out and find me. We start our journey 5am in the morning. My eyes still cannot open that time. This time I have the chance to drive myself up but I dint speed cause I keep on thinking of my friends safety. We dint saw the sunrise cause too much cloud covering it. When going back, it was raining so I drive even slower. We chat a lot in the car. Hope to go hiking again with my friends. Love the feel reaching the top every time I hike. Here are some pictures.

Group Photo.

The guys.

Cutest Couple.

All exhausted.

My exhausted face.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Started my revision with my friends few weeks ago. To tell the truth, some subjects I really need my friends help such as accounts. Many things are different compared to Form 5 syllabus. I hope we could do more study group session so that we can learn more and appreciate our study group time. I must be really motivated now if I want to score.

That day my dad suddenly ask me with very serious tone.
Dad: What you want to be after your STPM?
Me: I want to be an accountant because I like money.
Dad: Laughed and said "who dont like money?"
Me: But now the pointer to enter local university to do accountancy is very high.
Dad: Dont care about entering U first. If you have good pointer, you can study anywhere.
Me: I dont want study at Malaysia. I a bit racist.
Dad: =.=
Me: *smiling face*

Friday, August 12, 2011

Heart Breaking.

Feelings I had this few days are really mixed up. I dont know why. Sometimes maybe we shouldn't get too close. Its a kind of way avoid extra things to happen. I saw something I shouldn't see. Something that is involving me. I know its wrong looking at it but if I dont look at it I wont know it forever. Mr.J, you once told me you dont like people saying stuffs involving you at your back. I also have that feeling. After I look at it, I am really sad but what can I do. Maybe its right knowing too much isn't good.

+1, if you ask me what happened today, I can tell you this.
Yes, I admit I dislike you all buying things for him. He is my enemy. What can I do? Say thank you for him? That isn't the most sad thing. 3 of you team up together to quarrel with me? Thats the most hurting and disappointing part. Of all I did for you all, you treat me back like this? I am truly speechless and heart broken. I have nothing else to say and nothing else to do. Sorry if I created anything unease to my daughter. I have no heart in asking you to go away. I hope you will understand.

Sometimes you all say why should I always post it on my facebook status.
I can tell you, I have no one to tell and express my feeling. The only way is by posting my status.

Every WORD, every SENTENCE and every MEANING of it is true.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jin Ann's Birthday

Its already been a year since I last celebrated your birthday. Every year, Im the one who would buy you the cake. Such coincidence? After the dinner, we planned for singing karaoke but actually the main idea is to celebrate Jin Ann's birthday. He is a special friend to me and I can only celebrate his birthday one more time. I hope there are more coming. The plan was a success. His face was shocked with the big O. Got you right?

Happy 19th Birthday Jin Ann!!

P/S: We sang karaoke like mad! I still remember the sore throat after the singing.


So happy till sing song?

The cake.

Picture time.


Me and Jin Ann.
We sing karaoke.

Me and my besties.

Class Dinner.

We did our final class party together with Persatuan Ekonomi dinner. Its a fun and nice dinner for me. We get to play and have so much FUN together. Of course we love to take pictures and chit chat. I was damn full that day. We ate like as if its no ones business. The food for me isnt that delicious as expected. Here are some pictures with my besties. (I call them that!)

Yum Seng.

He force me to do it!


Group Photo.


Yum Seng. Look at our faces. EPIC!

Everyone is so TALL!

Budak Gangster.