Thursday, September 30, 2010


Lately a lot of people are talking of what dress to wear to the Graduation Night dinner. Talking about the fashion shows and stuff. I LOVE FASHION!! I really do. I got the inspiration from a friend who is a designer. Loving fashion is okay for me BUT I wont choose my career as a fashion designer because there is a lot of work behind everything. To be successful fashion designer, you also must be famous. Here are some pictures of the latest trend that I think is NICE.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Shamie And Kenny's Wedding Dinner

Actually I don't have the mood to go to this dinner. Many things happened lately. Im so TIRED but all my best friends are there. Dint take many pictures at the wedding. Congratulation to Shamie and Kenny!! Your wedding was AWESOME!! I love the beach side theme with all the flowers. Wonderful decoration for Hyatt. I almost cried hearing your speeches. It is really very touching. Hope the best for both of you!! Here are the pictures!!

My wear for the evening. Last minute pick.

Loving my skinny jeans. Can't live without them. =)

The beautiful decoration. Bad camera!

Auntie and Uncle's Speech.


Beach side theme. =)

Drank a lot of wine!! Headache.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Many things happened lately. Everything comes in a day. Its been quite emotional. Thanks to my friends for the guidance and support. Everything went well for yesterday. We had a great time chit chatting. Some of my friends would ask me, "Would your friendship with him would just fade like this?". I would answer you, I hope our friendship would not lose. There are many reasons that make me so angry and just want to ignore you and now you repeat the things again. I don't know when your attitude becomes like this. Is it your real attitude? Is it because you're lonely in your class and you come and do stupid things to me and Louis. I know Louis is also very angry and he is also trying to ignore you but he is a good and polite guy. He cant take the action but I as Louis friend cant just look at him being bullied by you and just keep quite. I really think that we should not talk for a while and let every anger fade away first. Hope you can understand.

P/S: I know I cant stop you from going to the trip but if you have some 自知之明, I hope you wont go. If you go, I think everyone dont have the joy to go anymore. Hope you can understand.

Exam is coming in 3 weeks but I'm still not prepared. A lot of homeworks such as PA homework, Economy notes and much more. MUET exam is also coming!! Next month is really a busy month. They want to 折磨 us before we start our holiday and END our lower 6.

Thank you to the VIP's in my LIFE!!

Friday, September 24, 2010


For these past few days, my mood isn't very good since that thing happened. Actually I dont want to do it so public but you FORCED me to do it. I dont know why your so 'thick skin'. You say that your sorry for what you did but what have you done for your mistakes? What you did is making people more angry at you! Asking people what you did wrong so that you can change? BULLSHIT!!
Dont lie to people and yourself. You wont change. By the way you talk to me at msn, I already know you dont have hope in changing. You just made my mood and feeling get worse. Everything I see you smile, my anger will raise. Feeling like slapping you kao kao. I just cant stand what you have done to me and my friends. I think our friendship cant last any longer like this.

I feel that your very silly to make things more worse. I am really fed up with all your things. No friend would treat me like this except you. You said you will change but I wont think so. Please dont lie to yourself and me. ITS USELESS!! Now I know why every time I saw you I feel like wanna slap you and scold you but I wont do it in public except you force me to do it. Yes, we have been friends for 2 years but lately your attitude really is pissing me off.

P/S: If I see you entering my class and sit near my table, I will kick you ass out!! WATCH OUT!!


Mid Autumn Festival

Last few days is Mid Autumn Festival. We went and watch Devil. The grandma in the movie scared the HELL out of me. I thought all die but at last dint. After that of course we must play some candles. I burned a lot of thing till I cant remember. Here are some pictures.

Actually I feel sad that I cant celebrate with someone. Feel kinda disappointed.

Me and Kee Han.
Our gang!!
妹妹 playing candle.
Beautiful or not?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It had been 5 days working at GSC. I had a great time working there even though I work at least 7 to 8 hours a day. I get to watch many movies for FREE. Working there brings back many memories. Many friends also came and visit me during my working time. I really appreciate it!!

My Schedule.

Stupid guy playing around.


Me and Kah Wei fooling around.

Monday, September 6, 2010

BBQ Party

We had a BBQ party to have some fun and a surprise for Siew Ai. I reached there about 7 pm and they were beginning to build up the 'lou'. I tried to BBQ but the fire was too big and my chicken wing at last was on FIRE. All black and the fishball got smoke coming out.
I was so stuffed and had so much of fun. We even walked around the area and the dogs was barking non stop!! We even played a lot of games. It was FUN when I get to hit someone. The most funny part is when I have to do the pole dancing. LOL.
Everyone had a good time. Enjoyed it a lot!