Saturday, April 30, 2011


Have been stressing with studies recently. All of my friends are studying hard that motivates me even more. Putting aside everything for now to concentrate on my studies.
Business Studies.
General Studies.
I hope that my results is better than the previous exam.
I want to thank one of my friend. I wont mention your name here because I know you would shy.
Thank you for hearing my problems and guide me through. You are one of a kind friend. You know who you are. HAHA!!


Our class are full of dancers? They are planning a big plan soon. Hope it will be success because its our last year in school. Making us proud is our Gee group at the Talent Show. They did really great. Of all the performance, I only watch theirs. Got a chance to take a picture with them with their signature post. Love it!

Encik Azhar's Birthday

That day we totally pranked our PP teacher. It was his birthday and we made a surprise for him. We made a fighting scene to lure him into our trap. The trick was to say that I and Cheryl was fighting. Here is the script.

Chui Teng went and told teacher we was fighting at the class.

Before teacher came in.
Dickson: 老师来了吗?
Cheryl : 老师来了吗?
Dickson : !@#&%*%^#^(#(^(#^(
Cheryl: !(&#(^$(&#)&($&)&$)$&

After teacher came in.
Encik Azhar : Dickson dan Cheryl ikut saya ke pejabat sekarang. (fierce tone)
Cheryl and Dickson: *speechless* (Where is the cake?)

Encik Azhar quickly ran down the stairs without waiting for us. I quickly went next class and ask for the cake. Geetha quickly shouted at teacher telling that I and Edward was fighting again. I quickly take the cake and run back to my class. Cheryl quickly light up the candle. Teacher came in with a fierce face and he thought that we fought badly because there were many people. As soon as he came in to the class, we started singing the Birthday song. I was carrying the cake. After the song, I told teacher that " Cikgu saya tak gaduh lah!! "
He was totally in shocked.

Happy Birthday Cikgu.

Still cant believe we pranked him.

Class full of joy.

Steph and Jiayi more happy than our teacher.

My favourite! Group photo.

Form 6 Carnival

Its been a week since the carnival ended. I think Im the only one blogging about it now. It was held on Saturday where I hate to go to school on Saturday. Im involve in Dota and Volleyball but i dont know why I played tarik tali also. I am very impressed with the Dota team. They did a great job in organizing the game. Imagine 40+ computers playing at the same time. As usual I cant run away from volleyball. I am also the referee in it. Even though I used 3 layer of sun block, I even got sunburn. Most of them have reddish skin and its pain when you touch them. So pity. The most sad part, we organized the volleyball game which so much effort but many people complained about it. Actually its not our fault. We just follow the teacher's instruction.
Once again Congratulation to SMART team for winning the Second place at Volleyball!

Jo Ann, Kee Boon and Me.


Friday, April 22, 2011


Suddenly found something when i clean up my cupboard. Loads of memories came back all of the sudden. Its the comments given by teachers and most important my friends. The comments bring back many memories studying with them. I lost contact with most of them. I even found the apron we used in Hari Keushawaan with their signatures! Miss them a lot. Hope they are having a reunion. Sorry for the low quality pictures.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adam Couple

Love this show for 2 weeks already. They have many episodes so I need a lot of time to finish it but because of studies, I may need more time. Btw, studies is more important. I love this couple so much. They are so CUTE together and Jo Kwon can really do a success event. Is it all this are real or just acting? They say singers wont be that fake.

Jo Kwon and Ga-in <3

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What A Day~

Another day of photoshooting at school. Love the pictures and the results are awesome. Love to take pictures with people who are willing. Sometimes I see many people dont like to take pictures. I dont know why. Maybe they are scared of the camera? Really should give a thumbs up to my classmates. They can really pose and are willing to cooperate when we want to take pictures. Love them. Enjoyed myself at S3 where we took many pictures!


Me, Jiayi and Vicky jumping. Look at their hair!

Epic fail.

Posers. Love this pictures.

Me and GOD.

Posing LOL.

Want to cut it? >.<

Monday, April 11, 2011


Recently you were so good to me. I dont know why. But sometimes you really cant manage your anger. Maybe its your real attitude. You dont have to hide it. I dont want to see it neither. Sometimes you really pissed me off but what can I do? Scold you or talk back to you? Many things changed recently but attitudes wont change. Example a girl in our class. Her way of talking to people is so bad and she say she is changing? I dont see any changes. Its because its your real attitude. You cant change. Some people say that Mr. unknown here is a good guy. After so many things he did, you say he is a good guy? Sabotaging your friends is a good thing? Saying bad stuff behind them is a good thing? I cant see my friends being hurt and I still can act if nothing is happening. I believe that is FAKE and you dont deserve being his friend. What if someone does that to you? Will you be happy? Seriously, I cant do that. I know most of you wont help me if I am in trouble so the best thing is to protect myself from everything. Thats the only way to survive?

P/S: Each time I am mad of him, I would think back a sentence that was told by a friend.

Who is he? Why should I be mad of someone who is useless to me? Thanks my friend. It really helps me every time.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I dont know why I cant run away from volleyball. From last year till now I am related with it. Teacher asked me and my friends to be coach. Its my first time being coach. The feeling is quite interesting. At first I thought they could play well but end up they are not as good as I think. Its just a few days before the competition and they dont know many things. We have to teach them digging. Some of them are also afraid of the ball. Some really know how to play but their skills are not enough to beat other school. My impression to them is that they tried very hard in the competition. They worked hard but its not enough. I really gain a lot in teaching them. Looking at other school representatives play is the best part. Now only I know what is volleyball. Such good teams are hard to find. We keep on cheering for them. Smart Cemerlang Terbilang Gemilang! LOL!

P/S:I have been under the sun for many hours for 3 days in a row. Now I have different skin tone colour. Hope it will return back to the original colour ASAP. Even got sore throat for few days. Cant even drink water because it hurts badly. Thanks to Strepsils Extra Strong.

The team.

Best match for me. Saint Thomas and SEMSAS. Spiking pro.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sports Day

I have been busy with sports the whole week. Its my last year attending sports day. Bring back many memories for sure. I joined the 'tarik tali'. The results was truly unexpected. Jian Hao has strength. Had FUN taking photos with my friends and theses photos would be very memorable. This coming weekend would be even busier but I hope what I did could help them. Make me proud! Make our school proud. Here are some memorable pictures. You know my classmates love taking pictures.

Posing before it starts.

Get ready!

Half DEAD.

Cannot pull also need to shout!

Me and Hao after the pulling.

Need learn stretching from the pro. Im trying very hard tho.