Thursday, August 30, 2012

Farewell 26.8.2012

Everyone is going in their separate ways like for real. Really need to say bye to Form 6 friends. They changed me a lot. seriously. We decided to have a farewell dinner and to celebrate 3 buddies birthday which is Jian Hao, Louis and Fang Wei. 
Louis is my best and talkative friends since Form 3. During Form6 we always go out for yc even though just both of us, we will go. I dont know why but suang also. HAHA! After I go Utar, he forgot me already. wtf.
Jian Hao. The friend who change the most. First is appearance. From chubby to skinny and grow a bit taller. A bit only ah. HAHA! The first friend I would find when I have 心事. Thanks buddy!
Fang Wei. I know her during Form 6. I always call her Ah Lui. I know now she is very happy with her new man. Good luck!

Pictures with the birthday buddies. 
Mr Lee Jian Hao a.k.a Angry Bird

Ms Fang Wei ak.a Ah Lui

Mr Louis Ng. He cant keep his eyes off the lovely cupcake.
Cupcakes made by Jiayi sis. Super cute bunny and Angry Bird.
That Onion look like potato tho -.-

Happy Birthday!

Kinda like the food there tho. The taste not bad especially the Nachos.

Ginger Beer. Taste super good. 


My main dish.

Jian Hao's main dish. 
With Kar Ann. 

With Gary.

With Hao. 

With Louis. 

With Stephanie. LOL
Bought this One Piece set for Jian Hao. Hope he likes it. 

Group Photo. Will super miss them.

Outfit of the day 
Polo T by Ralph Lauren.
Pants by Zara Men.
Shoes by Topman.
Watch by Esprit.