Saturday, March 3, 2012


Me, Jian Hao, Cheryl and Jiayi !

Outfit of the day :
Top : Baleno
Pants : ZARA Men
Shoes : Sungai Wang
I know I'm old. Turning 20 already that means end of teen and start of life. Just cant accept that I'm already 20. Time flies so fast. I just remembered entering high school and form 6. To tell the truth, I dint regret entering form 6 even though sometimes I would say I regret. Its a life time experience. My high school friends wont celebrate birthday with me. I get to have this experience ever since I enter form 6.

Thank You! Really appreciate it.

Jin Ann
Fang Wei
Jian Hao
 Decided to go and try The Site. Its located near Vivo Hotel. For me the food is okay and the price is reasonable. I love the decoration but the service isnt that good. We tried calling the waiter many times but they dint even respond.

Waiting for my food. #likeaboss

Of course we love to take pictures while waiting for our food. We chat about the results coming out next week. nervous max! Hope I can get the pointer that I wish for.

With dai ka jie! :)

Our dinner. Spaghetti.

Grilled Chicken Chop!
A little photo shoot outside the shop. Thanks everyone for coming. Really touched and appreciate. 

Fang Wei and Jin Ann.

Cheryl. :)

Jiayi. :)

Gary :)

Group Photo! Taken by Cheryl.

Group Photo! Taken by Jiayi.

Next round is Night Zoo. Never believed that I would go to a zoo on my birthday but its a nice experience. The zoo is now more beautiful and better compare to the old times. The most epic was looking at the ostrich poop. disgusting max!

Group Photo! Taken by Jiayi.
Sorry for the innocent pose. lol
Damn smelly! :X

Posing with the bear which is sleeping. lol

 Thank you everyone for the wishes and everything. Thanks to my friends for the wonderful gift. I used it twice already and craving for Starbucks everytime I look at it. :)