Thursday, February 24, 2011

Letting go again.

Many things happened recently.
Many things to do but don't have the time to do it.
Many troubles I have to face.

Stressing about studies.
Stressing about relationship.
Stressing about friends.
How can I divide my time properly?
I don't have the energy and time to care about anything anymore.

After our school results was very bad, there are many things the teacher did.
Giving us extra stress and motivation. Keep asking me to go to 'Muhasabah Diri' WTH?
Next week we have to go to for a motivation camp. Its for monitors and prefect.
I don't want to go and stay at school for 2 nights. Its crazy for me.
On Sunday I have PBSM Blood Donation. I would be very busy.
I still have to finish up my colloqium stuffs.
My head is going to burst with things and chores.
Wish me luck everyone. I hope I can face everything properly.

那个男人 –玄彬

han naejaga geudaereul saranghamnida geu naejaneun yeolsimhi saranghamnida maeil geurimjacheoreom geudaereul ttaradanimyeo geu naejaneun useumyeo ulgo isseoyo  
eolmana eolmana deo neoreul ireoke baraman bomyeo honja i baram gateun sarang i geoji gateun sarang gyesokhaeya nega nareul sarang hagenni  
jogeumman gakkai wa jogeumman hanbal dagagamyeon du bal domangganeun neol saranghaneun nan jigeumdo yeope isseo geu naejan umnida  
geu naejaneun seonggyeogi sosimhamnida geuraeseo utneun beobeul baewotdamnida chinhan chinguegedo motaneun yaegiga manheun geu naejaui maeumeun nunmultuseongi 
geuraeseo geu naejaneun geudael neol sarang haetdaeyo ttokgataseo tto hanagateun babo tto hanagateun babo hanbeon nareul anajugo gamyeon an dwaeyo  
nan sarangbatgo sipeo geudaeyeo maeil sogeuroman gaseum sogeuroman sorireul jireumyeo geu naejaneun oneuldo geu yeope itdaeyo  
geu naejaga naraneun geon anayo almyeonseodo ireoneun geon anijyo moreul geoya geudaen babonikka 
eolmana eolmana deo neoreul ireoke baraman bomyeo honja i babo gateun sarang i geoji gateun sarang gyesokhaeya nega nareul sarang hagenni  
jogeumman gakkai wa jogeumman hanbal dagagamyeon du bal domangganeun neol saranghaneun nan jigeumdo yeope isseo geu naejan umnida
Special thanks to Cheryl's blog for the lyrics. I have been listening to this song this whole week. Really a nice song. =)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Secret Garden

I had been watching this drama for just 2 days and I completed almost 15 episodes? Really broke my record. My eyes are damn dry and pain but the story line is getting more and more exciting. Its a different drama compared to others cause they fall in love in Episode 1 already. Many things cause them not to be together. Here are some pictures.

He use sit up to kau lui. XD

Cream all over her mouth.

They changed souls? LOL.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Party at my house 2011

I really had a great time last night even though i cannot do the M leg properly. LOL!I think everyone had a great time? Im sorry if i couldn't jiu fu everyone because there are so many people. The most fun part is dancing right? Thanks to Jun Shen to bring up the atmosphere and Yit Yee for the dance moves. Its my first time looking at both of you dance. The Hong Ming Tang was NICE until one of it
Once again Happy Birthday To Cheryl Tan. The one who always bully me.
Hope you enjoyed your 19. Here are the pictures!

All my heng dai's. Group pictures are the best.
Me and Noob.
Me and Weng Yi.
So got sham gei write. HAHA!
Cute little cake gonna be cut.

Group Picture. <3

Me and birthday girl.

All the lenglui's.

My picture partner.
I want DSLR!!
I am cam whoring. SO?

Love this cute pictures from Cheryl's camera.

Fly up into the sky! Lucky it dint burn my neighbour.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What am I thinking?

This few days, many things happened. I dont mean to hurt anyone. I just dont want someone to lie to me. I just want the truth but at last I also hurt someone. Someone that I shouldn't hurt. I feel sorry? Maybe time would cool down everything. I dont want my friend to be stress because of us. Feel so guilty to see him like this. Even though I always make fun of you in class but I think you find it happy? This few days you learn how to talk back already. Thats a good thing but dont so over lah. Give some face. I hope this incident would cool down and let it go.
I advice myself to be TAI HOI DIT.

Today at school, I am the MC for the perhimpunan. Thank you so much Bao Shian for the script or else I dont know how to talk at all. Really appreciate it. You are such a good person. =)
Many people have their own problems. Maybe this is life?

Go bai tin gong loh!! Sing karaoke is very funny. I could release all the tension and just sing.
I sang at someone's open house. I feel wrong cause I keep on holding the microphone. =)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rabbit Year

Chinese New Year is still here but school has already started. I have many things to do.This year's holiday started earlier. We have less time to have FUN. I got a lot of red packets and went to many open houses. This year I joined my friends for Bai Nian marathon. We visited many houses and got many angpows. We took a lot of pictures and as usual I laughed a lot. This year I get to talk more with my cousins. They came back from overseas for Chinese New Year. Really had a good time with them. Here are some pictures!

My cousins.
Little cousins.

Tiger Beer Ad?

Taking picture with super star!

Jay Chou?

6AK2 Boys.
Love group pictures!
Happy Birthday Tien Sern!