Saturday, May 21, 2011


Its my first random post. I have nothing to do. I'm freaking bored and mushrooms are starting to come out from my head. My best way is to look at the pictures and arrange them.
I personally love this picture. Its taken this week.

Pn.Sarizan Birthday

We celebrated Pn Sarizan's birthday on Friday. We planned so many things for her. I went and bought a cake for her. Our plan is to wait for her to enter the class and I and Jian Hao would say that we are going to the toilet. Then we went to the canteen and take the cake. We set up the cake at the next class. We enter the class through the back door. When I and Jian Hao enter, she still dont know that we are bringing a cake. We sang a birthday song for her. Her eyes are a bit wet that time. I think she is truly touched? We wrote a song for her and ikrar. What a way to celebrate our teacher's birthday right? HAHA!

Happy Birthday Cikgu Sarizan.


Personally love this picture.

5 2 0.

Group Photo.



On Thursday, something happened. Its something that everyone don't like to face but you force us to face it. 2 girls went next class to confess their feeling to you? Should I say that we confessed almost 3 times and its becoming worse every time. I don't know what to say. If its the first time, I still can accept it but its the 3rd time? How can you get 3 times 'tan pai' in a year? It shows that you really have a problem and after telling you about it you wont change or listen at all. You also know that many of us donut like you. WHY? Should you ask yourself first before asking someone? Don't you feel ashamed being told so many times the same thing all over again? Actually the things I said that day is just some of the things I HATE ABOUT YOU. There are too many. I cant say it out in one time. Sorry if I said it to straight forward. Your way of apologizing is so fake that I don't believe it a bit at all. The funniest thing is you really don't know that you hurt someone? SERIOUSLY? SHAME ON YOU.
Maybe the next 'tan pai' is coming if you don't change.

I really love the sentence Jiayi said.
The problem is not with us. Its with you because everyone here hates you.

Many of us dint really say anything that day because they know they would get beat up but that doesn't show that they dint hate you.
I really hope these kind of things wont happen again. I want my form 6 life to be perfect and not be spoilt because of you.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Exam is finally over. Now i can enjoy myself and watch my dramas. Been waiting to finish the last few episodes. Adam Couple!! On Friday we have a chance to interact with our juniors. Its a nice game to play. We played Amazing Race and Im the guide for Group 1. I heard someone say that they choose the guide from the most sporting student from Upper Six and Im the first one. It means Im the most talkative in the whole Upper Six. Such a complement right? LOL.
There are 12 members in my group and my sub is my ' hao heng dai' Mr. Lee. Hope to interact more with my juniors.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Exam Week.

Its been a week of exam. Finished 5 papers. How fast? Now only left 3 papers. The most funny thing is that our last paper is on Saturday. They want us to come on Saturday. Such a clever way right? The juniors are coming in next week. I know many of them from my brother's friends. I think almost 7 to 8 people ask me about form 6 stuffs and an auntie called me early in the morning for the tuition numbers. Saya sedang tidur lah!! Woke me up from my beauty sleep.
Hope to do well in this exam and I would seriously work harder after this exam. I PROMISE!
If possible I would shift my place infront so I can concentrate better even though I need to face crocofrog nearer. Face crocofrog or my results, which is more important. Its a easy answer.

Love Cheryl's camera quality. Its beyond perfect. Thought of asking my dad to buy me one after my exams. *fingers crossed*