Saturday, December 7, 2013

Think rationally.

Ever since the incident, I keep on thinking. Why am I so stupid before?
Believing someone that I shouldn't be believing. For everything I had done, a payback of lies is what I get.
My friends told me, I dint win anything but lose a friend. Yeah, its true. so true.
Ever since you were sad, Im there one there helping you. Comforting you since Im afraid you might do silly stuffs.Coming forward in protecting you. I even quarreled with Oscar because of your matter. Everyone dint bother to believe your words. Who is the one who bring you to have fun at KL and my hometown.
The one who bring you to wash your injuries. All a while, I am the only one trusting you to the end.
When the end comes, all I get is a lie. A big fucking lie.
Maybe I deserve all of this because of my stupidness. You even ask me why I dint have trust in you?
I put all my trust in you and end up with a lie I never knew. How could I trust you more.
Yes, friendship is full of believes and trust but when there is a lie, how can someone still trust you?