Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Life. Full of fun, sad , happy , excitement, stages and many more.
How I see life now? I just want to think. Maybe Im too young to think about this.
20yo and I have gone into so much things. I dont mean marriage or stuffs.
Having these allergies inherited, That syndrome inherited.
Seeing stupid and scary stuffs?
I had enough. Why me? Why not dont inherit? Why not dont see?
Maybe sometimes I do look strong. Laugh like crazy Joke like mad.
But inside of me. I would think of many things. Things that I shouldnt think.
Now I have a whole new life. Whole new friends. All of them are nice to me.
Enjoying my uni life to the max.
Hope next year would be more better for everyone. I just hope so.
Maybe a bit better for me?