Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Template.

Kinda big update for my blog today. Tried many new templates from the internet but I dont really like them. Some are too childish and some are too girlish. At the end, I did it myself. I dont really know how to do it and all my things are mixed up. Boo. Im not that professional like Chuckei or Andrew. Still trying though Im not satisfied with anything. Shall continue changing it after exam.
I hope I dint left anyone's blog link from the side bar. If I did, feel free to tell me to add you up. Added some new gadgets such as Instagram, Twitter and Popular post etc. Hope you all like it and feel free to vote for Nuffnang ads. I just signed up but I dont really know how it works. Im so embarrassed. HAHA.
Continue with books and books. I really am fed up with it. Its damn super suffer. F it.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Today is a special date and celebrating with special friends! Look at page header.Look!! Look!! Really enjoyed taking the last few pictures with them. Our last few days wearing school uniform. Its gonna be the end of our Form 6 life. How is life without them? Talking, laughing and playing like no one business. I specially made a card for each and everyone in my class. Im not good in making them but I hope they like it. The results is they really like it. I am really touched. I purposely find those ugly or funny pictures taken with them. Hope my little message to them, they would like it. 


Jian Hao and Fang Wei. 

Stephanie and Gary + Bao Shian. 

Louis and Jerry. 

Cheryl and Kar Ann. 

Group Photo. 

Jian Hao and Fang Wei.

Gary Bao Shian and Jerry.

Louis and Jiayi.

Fang Yuan, Bhui, Chui Teng and Kar Ann.

Cheryl and Steph.
Once again I'm here to say sorry to my friends if I had done any mistakes.
Good Luck!! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What to do?

Sometimes I have hard feeling and i don't know where to express them. I want to write it on my blog but I don't like people saying my blog is just to complain and write bad about people.

Should I care about my feelings more or them? Sometimes I know the way I talk is a bit harsh but it's the real me. I don't want to be a faker because I think fakers are very scary. Sometimes things can't be like what I want.

Maybe I should learn to forgive and forget. Where should I express my feelings? Maybe I should keep it to myself. I really don't know.

STPM is only weeks to go and I'm still thinking about this? I should really be motivated in my studies. Someone please motivate me.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Random Day after School. 04.11.11

Went to Koizen Japanese Cuisine with my friends on Friday. Its been a long time since we had sushi. I dont really like there because the sushi isn't that fresh but on that day its okay. I just dont really like the customer service now. I saw a waitress showing her attitude at me. Come on, I'm the customer and this kind of attitude is not good. 

We all ordered lunch sets because the price is more affordable and we can try almost everything. We are just busy playing phones and cam whoreing at there. Typical us right? Im sure gonna miss my form6 buddies. Just left this few weeks that we can see each other everyday. After STPM, we cant see each other everyday. Everyone has their own separate ways. Cherish the moments left with your friends. You will regret.

At class, we discuss where to go after STPM. The plannings are making me more excited. I hope everything would be perfectly done. Our last trip together maybe, will enjoy myself till the max. I love planning this kinda stuffs but for now exam is most important.

Koi Zen.

My set lunch. Yummy.

Steamed eggs.

Stephanie enjoying her meal.

Typical Louis eating. lol

Jiayi complaining to spicy.

Outfit of the day : 
My school uniform. Im gonna miss it.

15 days more till STPM. Add oil everyone. You can do it because you are special.