Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kuantan favorite buddies.

Plan to go back Kuantan for Raya is also having a chance to meet my long lost buddies.
The last time I met them was during Chinese New Year. Its like 6 months ago.
We still keep in touch occasionally and gossip a lot.
So glad to have the chance to meet them. Our next gathering might be New year next year. so long...
All the best for you guys. Faster find a partner please. Our group is the most fallback compare with others.
I still cant believe the porridge story. I rather cook 8 dishes and 1 soup. too bad 

Raya Holidays

Since I have one week off for my Raya Holidays, I decided to be at Kuantan for the holidays. Its been a while since I am back to Kuantan. Each semester I only go back one or twice the most. Its super far and I have to drive around 5-6 hours. Super tiring.
Meet Ace. The huge dog. 
Super huge dog. Ace.

Enjoying the beautiful scenery. 

Me and Calson.

Me and Daddy.

Margarita anyone? 


Self taking Cal. lollllll.....

Pot luck extravaganza. 

Night view of the house. 

Polo T by Ralph Lauren.
Grey jeans by Uniqlo.
Watch by Esprit.