Friday, November 11, 2011


Today is a special date and celebrating with special friends! Look at page header.Look!! Look!! Really enjoyed taking the last few pictures with them. Our last few days wearing school uniform. Its gonna be the end of our Form 6 life. How is life without them? Talking, laughing and playing like no one business. I specially made a card for each and everyone in my class. Im not good in making them but I hope they like it. The results is they really like it. I am really touched. I purposely find those ugly or funny pictures taken with them. Hope my little message to them, they would like it. 


Jian Hao and Fang Wei. 

Stephanie and Gary + Bao Shian. 

Louis and Jerry. 

Cheryl and Kar Ann. 

Group Photo. 

Jian Hao and Fang Wei.

Gary Bao Shian and Jerry.

Louis and Jiayi.

Fang Yuan, Bhui, Chui Teng and Kar Ann.

Cheryl and Steph.
Once again I'm here to say sorry to my friends if I had done any mistakes.
Good Luck!! 


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