Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Template.

Kinda big update for my blog today. Tried many new templates from the internet but I dont really like them. Some are too childish and some are too girlish. At the end, I did it myself. I dont really know how to do it and all my things are mixed up. Boo. Im not that professional like Chuckei or Andrew. Still trying though Im not satisfied with anything. Shall continue changing it after exam.
I hope I dint left anyone's blog link from the side bar. If I did, feel free to tell me to add you up. Added some new gadgets such as Instagram, Twitter and Popular post etc. Hope you all like it and feel free to vote for Nuffnang ads. I just signed up but I dont really know how it works. Im so embarrassed. HAHA.
Continue with books and books. I really am fed up with it. Its damn super suffer. F it.


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