Thursday, December 1, 2011


Its already December. Cant believe it! Its going to be Christmas and then New Year and the most important event, Chinese New Year. Cant wait for the parties. Im such a nerd now, staying at home facing books. There are many things to do after exam.

Hmm, shopping for clothes for the parties, dye my hair, non stop watching drama, Genting trip , organizing parties and Hong Kong trip!!

Even Tao Tao is super excited!

Its been 2 weeks since my Dad's Birthday. I don't have the time to update my blog since I'm super busy with exams. 3 more papers to go! Loving the date of his birthday. 20.11.2011. Such a special date to remember. I think everyone had fun that night. Almost everyone was drunk. Imagine finishing 30+ bottles and wine excluding beers and whiskeys. I was shocked when I count them. 

Lil bro with his bored face.

My plate and cups.

Me and Mummy.

The leftovers. 

Baked prawns with cheese.

Me and Dr. Bro.

I love red.

Amici's Famous Lamb Chop. yummy.

I dont know what to get for my dad earlier on. Asking friends for opinions and I thought of buying him something special for his birthday. He bought me many stuffs that I like so I should buy his something good. Decided to get him a Montblanc Belt. I hope he likes it. I used my own money from working at GSC last time and not his money. He was speechless. I know he is happy. 

Happy Birthday Daddy! 


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