Friday, December 9, 2011

Meeting Chuckei

Chuckei tweeted that she is coming to Kuantan for Adidas Neo for promotion. Early in the morning, I checked my twitter and she said she is going to Megamall. I asked my friends, Stephanie, Jiayi and Jia Iaw if they are interested to see our favourite blogger. We arrived at Megamall around 2pm and meet up with Jia Iaw. We quickly went to the new Adidas store and saw Jane a.k.a Chuckei , her sister Ashley and her boyfriend Keat. We are so nervous to go in the shop to meet them. 

The braveness came and our leader Jia Iaw went in first followed by me , Steph and Jiayi. Chuckei was so friendly to us and we successfully took our pictures. She is super tall for a girl and her sister, Ashley is even taller. They are without heels in the pictures. Can you imagine? 

With Chuckei- my favourite blogger. 

Group Photo with Chuckei. She bend down a little in this picture. 

Group Photo with Ashley and Chuckei. 

The famous couple. 
Sent this picture to her Twitter. 

We are happy fans. 

Decided to go to the new Pappa Rich for yumcha. Im so hungry because I havent ate my lunch. Checked my twitter and saw Chuckei's reply to me. lol.
My favourite. 

There is a price for meeting my favourite blogger. Got a "saman" that caused me 5 bucks.

Me with the "saman" but with my happy face.

 Group Photo of the day :
Me, Jia Iaw, Stephanie and Jiayi. 

 Outfit of the day :
Excuse my lame post. HAHA!


zoe said...

Really nice post^^~~ I wish i'll meet Ashley once! She inspires me a lot! :)

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